Savaged Serenity

2012-02-12: Stand and Deliver (Running Away Works Too) Part 2

Mirage and Kari enter. Added as additional recruits by No-name
No-name shows up, brings everyone together at a table.
Mirage wants to know how much it pays.
2 steps:

  1. Find Admiral Harkness – there are 50,000 credits in platinum hidden in the hull of the StarStrider. They will pay us 10%.
    1. We will get 1000 credits each
    2. Plus we get 5 tons of fuel
  2. Get the ship, Admiral will be able to fly it

Wesley successfully persuades up an extra % so we get 1100 not 1000 each.
Where is the ship?: on Osiris in an Alliance facility, it’s being moved 17 days to a Blue Sun scapping facility on Santos. No-name says they have a ship that they can let us borrow to make the heist while in process.
There intelligence says the StarStrider won’t be escorted. They think it takes only 6-8 people to fly plus an escort of guards.

No-name’s name is Saul.

We agree to job… but he wants us to take him. He will return with the ship in 2 days. It’s an old FireFly. That has a magnetic grapple and a Breaching Bore.

Mirage uses Bounty Hunter Skill to find a job for the new super crew to do together. Group of Bank Robbers – 4 wanted live, last know location was bank in small town 1 hour dive, 30 seconds flying. 250 credits / head
Naomi (hotness) tries to look up the bank robbers, she finds warrant.
We fly to the town, in minutes.
Miranda hits the streets for streetwise.
Wesley goes to Bank, speaks to manager and gets a description. Nash waits outside
They came in cowboy style waving guns around, they wanted only credits, not platinum, said ya lets go get drunk. No injuries. They ided when they came in because when they came in they sounded like they were from news vids. Get his number so I can give call if I have any more questions. Streetwise tells us that credits can be used in core but not platinum.
Kari and Miranda and Al do street wise asking questions.
They get little information, but hear that Round Top (near-by town) that has some nice stores and bars, might be a lead.
Local Law has almost nothing. Vid of going in and exciting.
We rent a mule to go to RoundTop. Short drive. Few hundred people.
Everyone starts doing their own thing, streetwise from Mirage, Sniper points from Kari, Nash walks.
Mirage hears about 4 guys at the watering hole who aren’t regulars. Kari starts moving in to scope out the place out. There are 4 semi trained guys moving in, likely another bounty hunter group, 2 by 2 front back, pistols and shotguns.
We try to distract them using Mirage’s bouncing breasts but fail they continue inside. So Kari attempts to trick them by slashing their ankles and getting inside. The other 2 got in the back door. The one on the right is distracted (-2). The other is not. She is now inside. Everyone else is sprinting for the door.

Round 1
Mirage runs inside. There are 4 guys who vaguely match the description at a bar on the back wall. There is the back door behind the bar that the other guys are going to. Round tables with chairs. There are a few other bar patrons. She yells out that they are under arrest.
The four bounty hunters flip tables and start yelling that they are under arrest. They are ignoring us as much as possible. They name the robbers
Al runs inside. And crouches next to one of the bounty hunters. They exchange words.
Kari runs and slides into a table and upends it and plays Parley so we all stop and listen to her talk for 30 seconds
Wesley runs in and crouches next to another one
The Parley gets a conversation going, an argument breaks out and Wesley asks them who they would like to be taken in by, the 4 cowboys try to sneak out the back, Nash and Al go after them.

Round 2
Wesley runs up to point black on Big Bruiser Butterbean and tries to intimidate him, he fails, Butterbean growls menacingly.
Mirage jumps up on bar and tries to kick one cowboy in the face, no fighting skill. She fails.
Al attempts to punch him but sinks Ruth deep into his blubber, no damage.
Kari nimbly bounds over the counter to close the range to the counter. She runs up and does a scissor kick take down. She grapples him successfully
The bounty hunters hold their action.
Nash, being the presumptuous ass that he is, jumps up on the counter, shoots Butterbean in the knee and kicks the grappled cowboy in the face. Butterbean throws a benny and recovers. The kick misses.
One of the cowboys breaks the grapple. 2 run off through the kitchen. Butterbean tries to hit Al but fails. Butterbean staggers away after being banged in the head by Wesley

Round 3
Mirage shoots one in the back, and wounds one. Nash shot and missed, Kari tries punching and kicking but doesn’t get far. – we are failing to get very far with beating them up. Al again punches blubber twice. Wesley runs past the two in front (trick) stomping on ones foot and yells in the face of the two out in front, “I am sick of all this running.” Butterbean tries to punch Al but he blocks.
The cowboy fighting Kari throws a punch but she throws a punch.

Round 4
Mirage decides to shoot Butterbean, and Butterbean is toasted. Nash attempts to wing one out back, he goes down. Kari screams “I can’t believe you’d hit a girl” trick. The cowboy begs forgiveness and is shaken. Against his will, Wesley is forced to shoot the last cowboy and he is incapacitated. Al holds his action, crouches.

Round 5
Mirage tells them to stand down. In a mildly threatening but totally hot way. Wesley saunters back into the bar, yelling out “Medic.” Kari draws her weapons on the guy she has been wrestling with. Nash returns to inside the bar, with guns drawn.
To figure out the situation, Nash shoots the guy who has been in a misogynistic dance with Kari in the knee. The two leaders of the bounty hunters order us to stand down. Wesley orders Al to pull blubber back behind the bar. Al plays “get a clue” GM suggests we give them the leader if he lives. We accept. Nash tries to heal the leader and we get the other three. One guy dies of his wounds, we get the last 2.
We load them on to the mule, Mirage looks around for the ill gotten booty. We find a hotel cardkey on one of the robbers. The management of that hotel lets us go into the room and take their ammo. And the unspent 100 credits. Mirage also gets a gun (equiv stats to a Glock). Kari eyes up the cash register, Wesley tries to keep an eye on her. She impresses Wesley with sexual antics.
We take the prisoners back. We get $250 for 2 live ones and $50 for the dead one.
We tell them the leader will be along in a few minutes.
Maintenance for Oxford ChickenHawk is 560 credits per month. But Wesley does good maintaining and its only $280 this month.
Mirage uses her connections to get some bolts. Wesley negotiates and Mirage jumps in also. And renegotiates to 45 credits for full load of bolts (weapon ammo level to “full”).
We meet back up with Saul who shows us the ship, after we confirm that we agree to do the mission. The ship is named The Tick. It’s an old school Firefly. Dlash takes down the stats.
Wesley considers if this is worth the investment given the risk. The crew wants to do it.

Experience earned:
Wesley 2
Nashh 2
Al 2
Miranda 2
Kari 2
Naomi 1


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