Savaged Serenity

01-08-11: Character creation, and Perdition Session 1

Savaged Firefly

Session Notes # 1

January 8th, 2001

  • Players find themselves at an establishment name Ace in the Hole. @ Gamblers Run. PCs spend several days of gambling and fun getting to know each other.
    • Harld Westleberry: 30ish Browncoat carrying a rifle. Repairman
    • Darnell Cooper (DC): 60ish Browncoat carrying a shotgun.
    • Pilot Nashh Kadavr: Teenager Browncoat carrying 2 pistols and a sword. Medic
    • Phoenix Cierra: Young 20ish Companion. Carrying a rapier.
    • Ezra-Joe House: Browncoat – Friend of DC
  • Start of Story begins with everyone at the usual gambling table.
  • Everyone is keeping their own at the table.
  • Nashh is winning money hand over fist.
  • A man approaches DC (Darnell Cooper) about a job. He represents Jacob Walton who is the VP of the Miners Guild. Needs one of his employees to not enter this establishment.
  • Employee is Mercedes Wingate
    • Daughter of Elias Wingate who runs Far-Yukon, a Titanium Mine on Hera which uses indentured servants to do the mining.
    • Works for Miners Guild. Miners’ Guild is opposed to indentured servitude.
    • Fallen in with shady characters and is meeting terrorist here tonight.
    • PCs are expected to escort her out and protect her until dawn.
  • PCs hear of rumors of people getting taken to Perdition – Titanium mine which uses slave labor.
    • Located right underneath and alliance penal colony.
  • Man approaches Harld mistaking him for someone else. Wants to finish a trade of alliance i**formation for Far-Yukon Data
    • Name is Shing Xiao (“Shing Zao”)
    • Removes himself and blends into crowd.
  • Mercedes enters establishment and comes over to Harld mistaking him as well. Phoenix calms her down as she is nervous. She eventually meets with Shing Zao and makes the exchange.
  • Nashh and Phoenix follow Shing to side door just as a large number of local police storm the building with 100-150 more outside.
  • Combat Ensues – Micro Combat
    • Harld and DC take out two of the officers before they run off
    • Nashh takes out two of the officers before getting shot by another one. Minor wound – Healed later.
  • Police retreat and stand off begins.
    • Ends in teargas and surrender of PCs.
    • Terrorists are found out to be bounty hunters. Police chief slip of the tongue.
    • Characters are singled out, bound and headed to Perdition.
  • Prison
    • Characters get usual speech about prison and escaping.
    • Characters are put through showers and then put in a room together. Bound
    • Corporal of Prison and flunkies (Lin and Yang) come out to meet us. Begin torture and extraction of secrets with a “cattle prod” device
      • Nashh tells of fear of dark and that he has an enemy named Kevin Smith
      • Phoenix is low society
      • Mercedes gives up a lot of info including rebelling against her parents.
    • Corporal gives up that he hates Far-Yukon in a rage fit.
    • Players hear that an alliance transport is on the way with a prisoner..Elias Wingate. He will cost twice the amount.
    • Players are taken to another room where they manage to escape the chains and surprise the guard with two blows to the head. Guard’s head went to mush…multiple raises on damage.


01-29-11: Perdition part 2

Start in prison cell, deciding on course of action.
W has a rifle from guard, MacGyvers a one shot silencer for the rifle,
Nash revives Mercedes to be able to walk with us.
Guard that was struck down last session has
• Handcuff
• Handcuff key
• Stun baton
• Pistol
• Micro transmitter
• Pass-card
• Rifle
DC takes pistol. Nash takes the rest but Phoenix takes handcuffs, DC puts in micro-transmitter
Party leaves to check other rooms.
Nash sneaks up with card reader, W goes to cover hallway. There are guards watching banks of monitors with their back to us.
Nash opens the door labeled filing. There is a computer that Nash tries to use.
Able to log on
W tries to log on but burns through his bennies and fails.
Nash and Allen search other room, which is filled with stuff
Finds a bag filled:
• 2 guard uniforms
• 2 gas masks
• Two transmitters
• Two assault rifles 1 to DC
• 2 pistols empty but empty chamber 1 to Nash I to W
• 2 stun batons charged
Divide up bullets

W finally gets the code. With GM being nice
• Can unlock and lock door we were kept in
• Can shut off fire and water suppression for r8 and r9 (which is what we went through)
• Can lock / unlock all doors on this corridor
• Some pipes carry sleep gas
• Guard station gives commands for activating gas in case of riot
• Turn off camera in this section and in hall
• Can deactivate hand pull alarms
W finds a policy and procedure file, the guard stations require a key code

Micro-transmitter calls requesting guard to check in, DC manages to sound enough like a guard to only get a verbal tongue lasing from supervisor
W and DC put on uniforms,
W turns off cameras, in our area to prevent being seen
W tries again on the computer and learns guard computers are better
W searches other room and finds an assault kit,
• 3 chem charges
• Flashbang
• An optical bomb
DC tries to persuade his way into guard booth acting as an old man replacement for sick guards
DC gets in.
Guard goes to the john
W runs into station and accesses computer
• Lock/unlock cell block doors
• Lock/unlock large security gates
• Turn on/off security camera in cell blocks
• Recorded loop of cameras in previous area
• Turn off sleep gas r-7 to r-9
• Loop camera in security camera
• Can unlock guard room doors
Found gear locker in guard room

DC and W try to determine how many guards there are.

Nash comes into the room to stun baton. When the guard returns, Nash stuns him.
DC hand cuffs him and stuffs sock in his mouth
Everyone searches the guard for silent alarm and remove transceiver to prevent him from calling for backup
The stunning has attracted attention of a guard in neighboring booth. DC blocks the view into the booth the party is in and called him in, W put gun to his head, and incapacitated him
Transmitted to other guard who sounded alarm, W tries to threaten him to turn off alarm.
Guard not intimidated, so W pulls trigger

W squishes one
W collects 2 full mags reloaded pistols
Turn off gas so they can’t flood us, opens all prisoners in R-7 and turns off cameras.

ETA 7.5 min to full swat teams to R-7
Guards get attacked by prisoners who get out.
W tries and fails to lock security doors.
W tells the prisoners of unlocked weapons cash in r-6 to distract guards.
Nash sets up to take down guards coming down from r-8
3 guards start coming down corridor
W joins to shoot

Nash – BOOM head shot
DC comes through the door w/ guard uniform
W takes up a position on other side of door and yells to prisoners.
W and Nash kill guards
Yell to prisoners to go get guards weapons, they refuse
Seth manages to convince prisoners to go to warden’s block thus providing group with cannon fodder
W unlocks gate and the group follows the cannon fodder down the cell block.
Grab guard’s stuff as we pass, Nash maintains over watch
Cannon fodder gets taken out by guards in next station down, the guard opened a small slot and machine gunned our advance troops (formerly known as prisononers)
W and Nash, try to shoot through slot
W and Nash try next to shooting through glass.
W runs up and tosses flash-bang while dc and Nash cover
Resulting flash-bang blinds one but not the other.
Nash follows, both prone, so does Alan.
dc strolls down corridor yelling for the whipper snappers to slow down, he is in fact covering our rear
Phoenix promises sexual favors to remaining guard locked inside of next booth if he lets us in.
He declines
Nash firing on slot hits someone inside, but not fatally
While the guard is dealing with Nash’s firing, W places chem-plas
Door blown to hell, with shrapnel everywhere
W goes inside
Nash follows up behind W
Alan takes lead
Phoenix follows with Mercedes
Next round
W goes into station, one guard down having been flash-banged and is in the corner, W attempts to unarm him.
Alan, comes in takes out guard, W and Nash go to over-watch for phoenix and Mercedes to get into room
Alpha squad has been closing in on us and is now at the end of the hall. 24 squares away (medium range)
Nash fires at first. Armor protects them.
Alan is instructed to open the locker in the guard station
W goes to check computer
Alan fails, dc tries to get it open box
And he fails
Phoenix and Mercedes move into room.
W checks computer
DC shoots down corridor
W opens security door in guard station
Nash goes through the door, plan is to move through door, than shoot computer and hope door locks.
Nash runs down hall and checks lock on the next breach point

Next round:
Phoenix and Mercedes run through guard station into corridor behind Nash
Alpha squad moves up, now 12 squares away, they fire many rounds into walls and door
DC fires auto down hall at alpha
Than DC and Alan move into hall
W locks the door with the computer, shoots and misses the computer, so holds until next turn
W rolls a plas grenade at computer misses but seems ok, goes through door and closes it.

Next Round:
W gets to next door to plant last grenade next door.
Grenade goes off in other guard station, but we have no idea what happened
Everyone is holding until next round

Next Round:
Everyone holds action for W to plant grenade
Door goes down; W goes into smoky area and into a very large room, the torture room, it’s a cargo bay door
In bay there is an old man in chains and Corporal Lynn has a gun on old man
We think old man is Elias Wingate father of Mercedes

Next Round:
Alan goes to meat shield old man
DC moves in and fires on Lynn – hits, shaken Lynn
Phoenix and Mercedes move into room, it is her dad on the wall, tries to pull way, but Phoenix holds on to her
He is pretty beaten up
Nash; boom head shot, wound
W runs through room toward ship in docking bay

Next round:
Phoenix and Mercedes run to dad to try and unlock dad with universal key, works dad is free
DC goes to finish off Lynn, Lynn goes down
We hear rapid firing and a big explosion from inside the ship, big explosion and doors are knocked ajar
Nash runs toward ship, Alan attempts to move boxes to block door
There are 4 hooks for vac suits and one is missing
W moves up to door of ship, looking inside he sees grav cart in middle of the floor, large crate with blackened heavy machine gun, likely destroyed, looks like a big fire fight, can hear it still going on throughout ship
Smoke fills area couple of bodies, there is a body smoking in grav cart

Next round:
Gun fire big battle sounds
Alan continues to try and block door so bad guys can’t come through
DC goes to check the room where Lynn went down it’s the com room, nothing of much interest but for a monitor that shows 2 large alliance boats in high orbit, and a planetary fighter that is patrolling
Everyone moves toward ship, combat is essentially over
Also check other room which is warden’s office: Files of illegal activity stuff, Nash grabs a source box and some other stuff that looks incriminating
This combat essentially over and we move onto the ship

W heads toward stair case where gun fire seems to be, DC follows
Nash and Alan heads up other stair case to make sure we don’t get flanked, leads to galley, w/ cooking equipment with a dead guard on the floor
Phoenix closes docking bay doors sealing us into ship

Upstairs W is in between two fighting factions; Nash is coming up behind one group

Phoenix moves up stairs into Galley
Mercedes and Dad stay down stairs by bay doors
Factions continue to shoot at each other, Wang is one of the two guards in the fight, and the other group is unknown to us
DC and W run to other stair cases, DC moves fast enough to shoot but misses, DC reloads
Nash move up and fires at the other guard but misses; guards realize they are being shot at from both sides

Next Round:
Nash shoots and hits and incapacitates one guard
W walks up and fires on Wang point blank and he’s dead then steps into cover and asks “who are you” to other group
Alan moves up into cover
DC asks “are you ready to give up”
They yell back do you work for Colonel Regivick
“No”, they won’t give up, just want to get out alive
We feel an engine starting
W persuades them to weapons up, off trigger we a stand in hallway
These guys were at the bar; their leader was the guy with red hat
They say they are bounty hunters
Nash tells them there are alliance ships in orbit
W moves to engine room at end of hall slinging weapon as he moves
W and Nash exchange a glance, upon passing the guards, everyone rises weapons on Bounty hunters, taking them hostage using persuasion; they are then handcuffed to the ceiling pipes
Strip them of their stuff
• Pistol
• Knife
• Rifles
Everyone then moves towards bridge, Alan stays behind to guard them
Go up into rec room with a punching bag then up to bridge door. We open thebridge door swat style
Phoenix opens door with W, DC, and Nash pointing weapons down range
One guy on bridge with weapon pointed back wards
He says he is the only one who knows how to fly ship; he is man with red hat
W goes down to engine room, phoenix gets dad and daughter and brings them up
We leave red-hat in pilot seat while DC makes piloting role for info
Take off, break free of docking bay, broke docking arm
W fails to get familiar with engine room
Pilot thinks we will not want to attract attention
Might be able to out run alliance but not positive. Thus launches long conversation about how to get out of system
The ship has some “surprises” (guns)

In the end, to avoid alliance notice we try to give clearance and pretend all is well and hope they don’t stop us, this works and we are off
Next we discuss how to deal with bounty hunters
If we let them live and drop them off at a habitable planet than he will give us the ship
Then he puts up his hands
W heads back to bridge
Set course for Hera
Shackle the red hat guy too

Nash checks for wounds on Mercedes and her dad and helps heal them
Look over ship, missile launcher too woot
We put 3 bounty hunters left in brig.

Elias is very grateful and offers us pull with judges
Everyone can add Elias Wingate as a connection, owner CEO of Far-Yukon Mining Corporation on Hera
His eyes are now opened to the evils of indentured servants and will try to get away from this practice in the future and will start working with mining guild
It will take 62 hours to get to Hera
Looking over the ship, in the Engine room we learn that there are lots of modifications, engine has lots of extra power but burns a lot more, it’s also very agile,

Long Discussion follows about the case for or against court going before the court with Elias’s help
Since we were moved off planet to Perdition Elias thinks he can help us
Both Al and DC have previous charges
Elias reviewed the documents we took, and can make case that this is a corruption case and charges against us should be dropped

Given our pasts it seems for W and Nash, going to court is not advised
But for DC and Alan it does make sense to go before court with Phoenix
They get bound by law, Elias comes to their aid, starts a new program for getting rid of indentured service, turns over all of Colonel Regivicks stuff, the charges for W and Nash dropped after they also reconsider and go along with others to hearing (note: slight modification of personal history needed),
All charges dropped
Xi Wang Black (red hat) issues stolen ship complaint after we drop them off

Ship stats
60 tons fuel
480 tons cargo
Speed 5
Hard burn 8
All of us get 100 credits (250platinum) plus enough to fuel ship (60 tons fuel + 100 credits per ton)

Elias recommends Persephone; he recommends we head toward Badger

First we pick up our henchman

01-29-11: Perdition GM wrapup

OK, at the very end, we had some conversation about warrants and what the consequences could be if you guys get caught by the Alliance. I think (please correct me if I’m wrong), that DBay and DLash decided to retcon the ending and turn themselves in after all… Assuming that this is the version of events that occurred, here is the wrap-up.

The Freedom’s Flight lands at Hera and the PCs and Mercedes are voluntarily taken into custody by the local Governor’s troops. Freedom’s Flight was impounded as evidence against either the PCs or Xi Wang Black and Swift Justice. Xi Wang Black and the other members of Swift Justice quickly disappeared into the crowds after the PCs release them. Elias Wingate immediately has a private conference with Governor. When they come out, the Governor and Elias hold a press conference detailing the following:

* false accusation of terrorism toward Mercedes Wingate and her companions by the “Swift Justice” bounty hunter group led by Xi Wang Black
* kidnapping of Elias Wingate to Colonel Jared Rejovic, also by “Swift Justice”
* subsequent torture of Mercedes Wingate and her companions
* documents supporting charges against Colonel Jared Rejovic, which include kidnapping, extortion, election fixing, and assassination to name a few.
* the immediate restructuring of the Documents of Indentured Servitude for all Far Yukon employees.
* Elias Wingate’s generous donation to the Hera Relief Fund in the name of the PCs

Current status of Colonel Jared Rejovic is unknown. Warrants have been issued.
Swift Justice and Xi Wang Black are on the run, last known location: Hera. Warrants have been issued.

Under the considerable influence of the Governor and Elias Wingate, any outstanding warrants for the PCs are “overlooked” as far as these proceedings are concerned. The terrorism charges against the PCs and Mercedes are dropped. As a reward for good behavior and the generous donation to Hera’s Relief Fund, the courts grant full ownership of Freedom’s Flight to the PCs. Transfer papers indicate the current ID/tail number and transponder number, but are very sketchy as to the ship’s history.

Elias Wingate gives the PCs each enough credits to buy all their starting gear back, plus 100cr each, plus enough to fully refuel the Freedom’s Flight (or whatever you are going to name it).

All PCs get 6 exp, and Al Capshaw (DC’s Henchman) gets 3. Obviously, the other 2 Henchpersons weren’t there, so do not get any exp.
All the PCs should now have 20 total exp, and Al should have 5.

Hope everyone had fun!

04-29-11: Finding the Farlander

Session notes: 29 April 2011 – Savaged Firefly

Reviewed last session’s notes and decided to head to Persephone to see Badger about a job.
Investigated the ship while en route. Where missile pod is located use to have scientific equipment.
On Persephone
Visited with the Badger. Knows of our escape from Perdition (fame!)
Job: One of the Original Arks has been located. A Farlander. A lot of stuff with a lot of money. Alliance is sending a recovery team.
The Deal: We get 15% of what ever we salvage from the trip.
Go to the Crooked Noodle and find Elgar Tong. Elgar will be coming with us. Went to Crooked Noodle and found Elgar. Descended into math and decided we needed to pick up another gig.
Took on refrigerator units and three guests — newlyweds (Atelia and Wilie Hunt) and Tavion Zaptros.
On New Canaan

Arrived w/out problem (via Hera and someplace or t’other). Dropped off the guests and started refueling when Revers showed up.
Reaver Combat!
Al went down.
Reaver Chase!
We escaped!
…and called it a night
4XP for WC, 2XP for SideKicks
Freedom’s Flight (The Ship)
Engine: Class 4
Cargo Space: 570 tons
Gas guzzler (-).Standard ship uses 600hrs of space travel. GasGuzzlers have 400hrs of travel (16 days, 16 hrs).
Fast Throttle ().Faster when pushing to hard burn (2 to hard burn rating).

04-30-11: Keep Flyin' (aka: find something to do)
What now?

Savage Serenity Session notes 04-30-11
Taken by Dave Bailey.

Our ship has gas guzzler and fast throttle uses a lot of gas but is faster. When we do full burn. Which means we have an extra gear. At full burn we get plus 2 to .
We now have several choices
1. Go find whores
2. Drink/fight
3. Kept our agreement with Xi and now we could follow the warrants and track them down
4. We were directed to go to Badger

From Hera to Persephone where badger is 10 hexes away. Which is 10 days at speed class 1.
We have 400 points of fuel. We have 16 days of travel.
Takes 5 days to get to Persephone
Ship is in excellent shape it has a large room off to one side that houses missiles
We land on Persephone
11 days of fuel left when we land, Persephone is a very busy port, lots of ships landing and taking
Question from GM, has anyone ever met Badger
We make a street wise and find where badger is located. We come upon a giant of a man who asks what our business is. DC tries to persuade his way through. DC is successful-ish.
We are forced to disarm. Nash waits outside because he doesn’t want to disarm.
He points us down a hall turn a corner, we are in badgers room. Badgers let us sit down, there are 2 guards off to each side with side arms.
He asks what he want, and gets snippy when Wesley gets cute.
Badger has heard of our escape from Perdition.
I job just came up that might come with our impeccable credentials.
One of the lost arcs was found. The FarLander. The alliance is sending an elite recovery team.
He offers us 10% of the profit from fenced goods. Wesley counters with 15%, he offers an agent who will go with us, his name is Elgar Tomg. The name Tomg is a gang name.
Wesley asks where we find Elgar, he says at the crooked noodle.
Naomi will get on the cortex and look for the Elgar Tomg and the Arc FarLander. Elgar supposedly knows the last location of the Arc
We are dismissed and escorted out and get our weapons back. The crooked noodle is pretty easy to find.
We walk in, very interesting environment, Japanese noodle bar and old west saloon. We find an open table. Nash orders some noodles. We notice rough 60 yo Asian man at the bar
DC approaches him, “looks like your waiting for someone.”
It is Elgar Tong. He can tell us where the arc is if we give him safe passage.
DC tried to negotiate to better deal, the Arc is out passed New Cannan, and it’s out passed our range.
Nash asks Naomi how much is fuel in New Cannan, 29 credits a ton for fuel.
A tank offers 600 hour, 1900 tons is our ship. In our range 625 ton tank. 125 tons of fuel = 400 hours of thrust in our ship. Thus it will take 60% of our tank to get out to New Cannan.
Naomi found shipment of refrigeration equipment for 65 credits a ton. They load it up. 500 tons of stuff. That comes to 32500 credits.
Naomi starts looking for passengers, finds 2 travelers. We will get 605 credits from passengers for 12 days.
Elgar comes on with a back pack. He gets room 13. Refit brig to be rooms.
We bought 26.25 tons of fuel, for 131.25 credits.
We have 568.75 credits left. Then the remaining 305 when we land plus the 32500
Cargo is payment on delivery.
Wesley suggests a course that maneuvers through ports longer but cheaper gas. It will save us more than 600 credits.
There are some do-dads that need to be replaced;
We make it to New Cannan without incident. Refueling will cost 1700.4 credits. The passengers pay up with no question, pay in platinum. Goods are sold without a hitch too prearranged price.
So our current totals are 31,654.35 credits.
The Gas tanks are being filled and the attended compliments our ship, we all get paranoid.
Justice is watching out the back door looking menacing. Wesley is reviewing storage space for new fittings
Nash and - ARE in docking bay,.
Attendant gets call that reavers are coming.
While uncoupling is going on reaver ship starts landing, smoke blowing ,attendant runs.
Everyone makes guts checks. Al fails meaning he doesn’t believe in reavers.
A smaller ship comes over. Fires an electric net that causes us to stick to the ground. DC runs into the ship, Wesley runs to engine room,
We close the back doors half way to narrow entry but keep entry and all us to fire out exit.
Reavers came down on zip lines, Wesley runs to engine room. Ship is now settling in for landing.
Combat, 10 reavers in coming.
Nash fired 3 round burst, took out 3 quickly.
Naomi misses,
Justice is shaken,
One more turn before DC and Wesley reach destination, reaver ship lands and opens.
Justice unshakes takes down three, DC takes down 2 more,
Ship lands 10 more reavers come out.

Third round
Nash fires full auto again, 2 more dead.
Wesley figures out a dampening field is screwing with electronics,
Justice misses a lot but loses no ammo. Hordes move up. First one from first wave gets to ship. Al swings. Has first strike, 17, with a punch. 2 d6 damage. Takes one down.
DC fails to start ship, throws bennie.
4th round
Wesley fucks himself, Justice shakes one and kills one,
Reavers first wave is shaken, second wave runs up. Within 3 hexes, all ten. They trample their shaken friend
DC fails to start ship. Al flicks his cigarette at reaver.
Niaomy misses. Nash kills two more.
5th round
Our initiative sucks, they are on us.
AL punches another one out. Takes damage from punch, but not enough to do damage
DC holds his action to assist Wesley,
Al punches again but no damage.
Wesley succeeds in stabilizing the engines, but no take off.
Justice tries to club one and misses.
Nash swings twice 2 hits, sword and knife, kills one
Naomi fires pistol misses,
Next round
Justice misses, Wesley holds his action to help DC,
Third wave is moving up, second wave presses attack; Al is focus of attack, takes a knife hit and is shaken. They push forward into ship. Breach breach breach
Naomi gets shaken,
Nash kills one,
With Wesley supporting, DC gets the engine started. Al is unshaken but cant act
Next round
Justice clubs one, Wesley stays in engine room.
Al punches, shakes one. DC takes off, net pulls up and we are in air, last Reaver does whilhelm scream as he falls out.
Back of the ship everyone makes notice rolls.
Naomi misses, Nash whiffs.
Al gets attacked by 2. but no damage, Naomi gets attacked and goes down. Incapacitated, Justice gets attacked and hit shaken,
Next Round
Nash draws 2 pistols, and fires both, kills 2. Both reavers left miss Al, DC notices we are being pursued by the ship. Closes the outer doors. Justice still shaken. Wesley stabilizes ship (does nothing).
Next round
Al goes down.
Justice shakes one reaver from behind. Nash does very shooting again, and takes out last 2.
DC hits hard burn.
Begin Chase:
Chase begins with Reaver two hexes behind us. Reavers close upon us. DC tries a distraction roll. Succeeds with a raise and shakes the Reaver pilot. Drops back 2, Nash fires a missile; hits with a wound, goes out of control, drops back another drop, critical hit is not serious. Nash fires another missile, no affect. DC pulls ahead. They closes a bit but DC pulls ahead again. DC pulls ahead. They hold their position. DC pulls ahead, but they close the gap again. DC pulls ahead a bit but not quite enough. We break atmo and pull ahead, they return to eat villagers.
Current fuel load is down by 21.55
31654.35 credits
103.45 tons of ffuel
We are owed 21.55 tons

05-20-11: Searching for the Farlander
Oh &^&$%$!!, Reavers!

House Rule change: Sidekicks can take one wound, on second wound they are incapacitated

Al and Naomi were incapacitated in the last slugfest, Naomi is saved by Nashh, Al is fine on his own. We circle the planet to tend to our wounded.
There were additional reavers flying around the planet that we notice as we broke atmo.
We decide to fly around the planet awaiting the reavers to leave. Then go back and help people.
Naomi is really hurt. We will land near the settlement then go in on. Nashh takes med kit, the streets are empty, Al helps people too. Plays the folk hero card the people think we drove off the reavers and thus love us. We help people, Justice takes money from bodies. We are now folk heroes in New Canaan we can always find aid here. The definition is on the card. And the trumpets soar. DC is going to get the rest of the fuel. The old fuel guy hooks us up. A party is thrown in our celebration. Drinking dancing, couple thousand people live in this town, they lost about 10% of town.
We all wake up with 1 fatigue from hang over. Seth buys a duster and brass knucklers. 120 taken from stash.
We leave atmo Elder than punches the coordinates in to the nav. We calculate that we have just enough fuel to get out. But we will almost be out of gas when we get there. “should have picked a crew with a bigger tank.” It will take up 15.5 days to get out there. We have enough fuel to go for ¾ of a day when we drop out.
We come out of drive to find empty space. He says it was moving slowly and gives us the heading for where it should be. DC gets a success on sensors, picks up something. It is a big a ship. Huge. Getting crazy ratings coming from this ship, its maxing out all our sensors in life forms energy etc, but no signals coming off of it. Seth figures out where to dock, Wesley figures out how to dock. It has old docking mechanism. We orbit the ships on 2 axis. There is another ship already docked, Naomi found it. It’s a chameleon freighter docked on. Typically carries 4 people depending on how its configured.
DC gets us close to the ship, Wesley docks us like a champ. Opens door. The doors open and wonderful clean fresh air comes. Justus peers around, the plant growth has forced the door ½ open.. vines and greenery cover everything. It’s a forest in the hallway. Wesley tries to get a layout. Gravity is on. The hallway goes into the center of the ship. Birds and insects fly around. Everyone goes except DC who stays on the ship. Nash goes first to hack a way through, Justus next followed by Wesley and Al. 10 yards in the corridor splits and goes to front and back of ship. 10 foot ceiling. We parked fore of the other ship and on the opposite side. Nash suspects there are people. We take a right and head toward back of the ship, and the other ship. The corridor curves slightly as it follows the hull. In places the walls are falling apart as the plants take over. We have about ½ mile to walk, couple of cross corridors that cut across the ship, than large room, (cargo bay) everything is covered with vegetation. Several football fields in size with a balcony, several stories tall. Balcony is not in good shape. There are stairs to the lower level to corridor into ship. Everyone nimbly jumps to safety as the stairs collapse except Justice. He is shaken. But otherwise ok, “huh guys” he says. Something is growling. A large wolf is glaring at him. They can hear it growling.
Three wolves one behind Justice, The first one charges
Justice gets a wound as one latches on to his arm. Al jumps down. Landing well and attacking. Hitting he does a wound. It does not go down. Very dramatic. Wesley shoots one with shaken. Naomi and Nash ran down the stairs to get in a position to shoot.
Al punches again and incapacitated one attacking Justice. Nash fires at remaining two. One is killed and one is missed. Wesley shoots the remaining one. Several more wolves show up but then run off.
It was loud but we don’t know how far the sound carried. We start now down the corridor that leads through the ship, which is coincidentally is where the wolves ran off.
We come to an open space that seems to fill a huge portion of the ship. Lights full size trees. Completely over-grown. So much foliage hard to see across. We are not on the ground floor. We decided to head back to the perimeter and go that route via walking around the aft of the ship to catch our competition. We look for traces of human passage but see none. Keep rolling to back of ship. Passing corridors periodically.
We send Justice, Al, and Nashh ahead to scout and come to docking bay, with 2 armored men with guns. Not alliance.
Al decides to go talk to them, Nash and Justice get in cover to shoot if they look mean.
They raise weapons Nashh blows the head off one and Justice shoots the chest out of the other.
We take the comm. pieces from them but they are off. The ship closed the doors potentially abandoning anyone on the ship. Al takes the armor. Nashh notices a camera on the door. We call the remainder of the team up.
Wesley starts trying to hacking into ship but fails. Nashh looks for signs of them moving things on or off. We close the outer air lock doors. We call to check with DC and tell him to check the scanners. Then we get out of doorway. Takes a long time to figure out what to do. “night cycle beginning.” All the lights go off. DC detaches from FarLander and goes dark so he can hide. DC comes back in under the engines.
Naomi and Wesley set off to find the bridge; Nash gives them a flash light. Justice, Al, Nash, and Tong stay behind and get in prone defensive position.
Tear Gas floods the area. Justice failed notice roll and is affected. Everyone is at -1 for dark and -1 for tear gas. We make notice rolls to see if we can see where the gas came from. Justice is minus 2 for all actions. Justice gets up to move and gets hit by fire and shaken. We don’t see the muzzle flashes. He made it 5 or 10 yards. Nash throws his stun baton than runs in the opposite direction. He gets shot at. Wesley sees a muzzle flash and has a general location.
Justice unshakes, Wesley attempts to do suppressive fire. But fails, but also loses no ammo. Nash continues to run and dives behind a tree at the end. He is hit and gets shaken. Al, tries to notice but fails. He holds his action. Justice is now out of the gas and holds his action trying to see the bad guys. Nash unskakes himself. Justice spots them running between trees and full auto. He pings one but loses some ammo. Al, gets up and crouch runs out of the gas, shots hit him and he is wounded.
Wesley returns to the room, and tries to flank around. But they see him, and he is shot. Wounded shaken. Cant see shooter. Justice can’t see anyone now so he holds his action. Nash holds as well. Naomi tries to sneak in crouching. They still see her and she is hit but no affect. Al is still shaken. DC notices that the ship is starting to move and changing direction.
They try to suppressive fire, Nashh in overwatch sees and fires. They fire suppressive fire but fail. Then 2 get up and move and Justice in overwatch rocks and rolls. Doesn’t lose ammo. Maybe hit one but can’t tell if hit or not. Not sure if damaged or not. Naomi is shot and shaken.
Al unshakes and holds. Wesley unshakes and Justice holds. Justice hits one and loses some ammo. Nash fires as well. He doesn’t do anything too productive. Naomi shoots the ceiling. They attempt suppressive fire but we pass.
Everyone holds. They advance again Justice and Wesley open up, Wesley misses everything. Justice shakes one but he is prone. Nash fires at one striking his head out. Hits one and he went down.
Wesley and Justice hold; 2 crouch and run, 2 fire pot shots. Wesley takes one down with full auto. Justice out sprays with a sub-machine gun sprays a lot of ammo but misses. Should be 3 left. Nash fires an aimed shot and hits. Boom head shot. Maybe 2 left.
Al Holds. They fire at us. Nash is shaken. Wesley and Justice hold. Nash unshakes and holds.
They stick their heads out and Wesley and Justice spray a lot of bullets around but everyone missed.
Justice tries talking threateningly to intimate Wesley tries low crawling into position. When we crawl up to where they should be they were not present. We look for them in twos but we don’t find them. Bastards got away.

06-17-11: The Farlander
How do we get off this thing?

Hallways pretty wide but vines and overgrowth make it rough terrain. Looking for ambushes as we go and keeping track of side paths,
Decide to move to the bridge; Nash, Justus and Al take lead as they go up to bridge. Naomi in the middle, Wesley comes up behind.
Last session we noticed that the ships course had changed.

Al notices a guy squatting by a ladder. He signals the group to stop. Nash looks at him through the scope; armed man, looks like he is sleeping. Al to sneak up and take out guy, Nash to cover.

We make it to the front of the ship. Nash and Al are a few yards ahead, all keeping to the sides, make a notice check for front rank.
Al sneaks up. Al gets, “The Drop.” Gets plus +4 to attack and damage. CRUNCH. Done.
Al goes up the ladder first, smoking as he goes (fresh butt at all times). 8 feet up to hatch with big circle latch. Looks cleared of underbrush.

Nash goes down, below floor space vines, looks like bad guys are not down, Al opens hatch, Nash to go in next, followed by Wesley.
Al hears people talking, Radio in Wesley’s ear what are you doing check in, Wesley says “bathroom,” “what?” We use the pause to clown car out of hole, Nash and Wesley going for cover. No cover so go to sides.

Come into room, 4 guards captain gets up to order commands, W plays Adrenlin (Matrix) and full autos him. 3 hits on captain, he hurts but makes it over counter, he tries to soak. And succeeds on 1.
Nash shoots ones eye out. He drops into cover. Al moves up into cover. Justus fires some bullets randomly after coming up the stairs.

Al strolls up to left covered soldier, takes a drag, and punches the hell out of him. Unfortunately he missed.
Wesley Takes a shot in the chest, wound and shake. Then botches two soak rolls.
A grenade lands among us.
Naomi, attempts to scoop the grenade and run past it and get out of the area. She misses but gets out of the area, she backs up Al, sort of.
Nash tried to scoop to and run out of corridor and fires at a troop. Bullets bounce off.
Justus with a god send from the GM picks up the grenade, and with a botched roll manages to land it near the captain of the bad guys . Nash knocked away on top of another trooper. But no one took any damage. Wesley still shaken.

Joker for bad guys, frack, Naomi gets shot in the arse. Al in hand to hand. But parries, Grapple between Nash. Captain sees no targets and no action, other two hold.
Nash breaks free using agility. Steps back and shoots. Hurts someone.
Justus leans out and gets shot in the head. Twice; but no damage, returns fire to no affect. Justus was shaken but rolled up.
Al, punches the guy, and wounds and knock out. Al moves up to next one so can parry next time.

Nash marksmans and fires at the captain in the face. Kills him.
Al aims for the next guy in the eye cause it’s the same thing. Misses with cocky shot and next shot.
Justus puts bullets into the window behind the console. Misses everything
Nash gets shot hard. Shaken and wound. but soaks.
Nash gets shot by another who overcomes shaken. Nash gets hit by wild card. Much hurt, soaks some.
Al gets hit by the butt of a gun and is shaken.
Wesley is lounging in a puddle of his own filth – still shaken

Justus shoots a guy near the face and shakes him. He unshakes one second later.
Bullets are sprayed all over mostly by Justus, the wall but no hit.
Al gets wounded with a couple of close in shots. Al soaks and is in good shape.
Another trooper on the floor tackles Nash. Succeeds.
Nash spirit roll succeeds with raise. Tries to break out. Fails
Al punch fails

Nash fails to break free of tackle. Punch on Al fails. Grapple on Nash fails. So no damage. Justus gets shot at by 2 guys, lots of bullets. Wesley breaks shaken and full auto one guy, kills one. Justus three round burst facials and kills. Wesley and Justus get a little over excited as they finally provide the fire power they are designed for. Al pounds one and he goes down. Last one is still grappling with Nash.

Al is close enough to saunter over light a cigarette, and hits him, but misses. Justice taunts the last one with a shake. And Wesley intimates him into backing down by saying “really”.

End of combat

Nash starts healing himself. [GM Note: modifers for healing oneself is double. We played this incorrectly but will remember for future combats] Wesley starts trying to figure out how bad the damage is to the bridge. It’s toast. Only one panel in three still is salvageable. Justice goes to look down hatch in watch mode. Naomi to be healed next to see what she can do. Al searches bodies. Asks DC what the other ship is doing. Takes more time to heal roles for Nash to heal her. Naomi reviews computers. Massive data in the ships computer. Naomi looks for override to lock the docking bay doors. Takes 20 minutes so she starts working on it. Nash meanwhile is working on healing himself. Grenades found on bodies are divided to Nash, Wesley, and Justice. Wesley notices a dot points to Naomi, the other ship just undocked. Warns DC to be on look out. Al watching leutenant “aw I was gonna get me an ear.” Wesley gets healed. DC tries to ID other ship. They have bolted, cut and run.

Where are the bones from the ship’s occupants?
Next session China man the full history, can we take this ship in.
How we gonna get home?

2011-07-08: How do we get off this thing?
I don't wanna die out here!

Notes were lost in a tragic computer accident. This entry Revised and re-remembered.

We made our way to the Engine Room to attempt to turn the ship or shut it down.We kept the lieutenant as a hostage.
A fire fight happened on the way to down. The guy who shot at us got away.
In the engine room we met ED-209. Engineering Droid 209. Found a bunch of repair droids, loaded into our ship apparently called Oxford Chickenhawk. Sent a wave to Badger, told him to meet us in New Canaan. Ed was able to get us hydrogen to get back to New Canaan. Told Badger to send men to New Canaan to protect his investment. We refueld there and went back to Persephone with his men. We gave coordinates and bearing to the ship and a bunch of repair bots. We did not mention ED209. Badger to goto Farlander to salvage and contact us with our 15% share.

Experience to date:
All PC’s have 38
Sidekicks have 10, except DC who has 15.

2012-01-20: Stand and Deliver (Running Away Works, Too) Part 1

Leaving Badger, we head to the Job and Bounty Boards looking for Bounties not knowing what else we want to do.

We find Xi Wang Black (Bounty Hunter Captain whose ship the group now owns) and Colonel Jared Rejovic (the commander of the Perdition prison camp) both have bounties and warrants. W notices someone watching them. Justice sneaks around behind him and pushes him into Nash and Wesley as they walk by. Justus stands there being intimidating. The man stumbles and stammers uncomfortably that he knows someone who would like to hire the group. We have Justice back up a little so as to be slightly less scary. The man asks us if we know Captain Jack Harkness – we claim we don’t though we really do. Harkness’ ship, the StarStrider, is being scrapped by the Alliance and the man thinks it would be nice to return it to Captain Harkness so he can take it and “disappear” forever, giving once last finger to the Alliance.

Captain Harkness was the Browncoat captain of the StarStrider, the largest Browncoat cruiser in the fleet at Serenity Valley. The Browncoats were defeated at Serenity Valley, both on the ground and in space, but StarStrider escaped to fight another day. He was later captured and served jail time (3 years) and has since gone underground. If the BC resistance movement really exists he is likely a part of it.
Wesley tries to talk about how expensive such a mission would be, “Nameless” claims to have approached us because of our skill-set and affordability. Nashh and Wesley discuss while nameless waits outside. Then W goes out to talk to him (but forgets to ask his name)

We ask for the name of one of the potential employers. He refuses to divulge names of the network leadership, but gives the names of 2 Network operatives who will be assisting us should we accept the mission: Wile Hunt (pronounced like Wiley Coyote), and Stel Zess. W asks him to meet the group back in the noodle bar tomorrow so we can get more information and make a decision. We bring up the fact that our ship cannot be involved, it is too easily recognized by the Alliance. The man states that The Network can provide us a ship to pull off the mission. Naomi will add them to the names to search tonight. Dinner tomorrow, same place.

Naomi hacks the Cortex. Search results:
Wile Hunt – Browncoat, did some time. Lists several known associates of which we recognize a couple. Photo. Mid Late 20s blond, square jaw.
Stel Zess – nothing found.
Captain Jack Harkness – rolls well, confirms all we know, mole on front left butt cheek, long list of known associates, served on Perdition, released and transported to somewhere in outer rim, last seen on Deadelus.
Xi Wang Black– Bounty Hunter whose ship we now own. Last known location is the city on Hera where we let him go.
Colonel Jared Rejovic– Former Warden of Perdition. Originally declared dead, in last 2 weeks he was spotted on Londinium but he escaped capture.
Schedule for scrapping of StarStrider – nothing found – only date captured, specs, and reported in impound. And she gets floor plans. 200 meters.

Not much is learned using Streetwise the next day, other than Wile is on the planet.
Naomi also looks for some special gear, Cloak of Concealment (no), Grenades (maybe else ware on planet), Gas Masks (finds 2 but really expensive 5k a piece, 2 with no eye protection that are 2 k a piece).

Experience points earned:
Nashh 2
Naomi 1
Wesley 2
Justice 1

2012-02-12: Stand and Deliver (Running Away Works Too) Part 2

Mirage and Kari enter. Added as additional recruits by No-name
No-name shows up, brings everyone together at a table.
Mirage wants to know how much it pays.
2 steps:

  1. Find Admiral Harkness – there are 50,000 credits in platinum hidden in the hull of the StarStrider. They will pay us 10%.
    1. We will get 1000 credits each
    2. Plus we get 5 tons of fuel
  2. Get the ship, Admiral will be able to fly it

Wesley successfully persuades up an extra % so we get 1100 not 1000 each.
Where is the ship?: on Osiris in an Alliance facility, it’s being moved 17 days to a Blue Sun scapping facility on Santos. No-name says they have a ship that they can let us borrow to make the heist while in process.
There intelligence says the StarStrider won’t be escorted. They think it takes only 6-8 people to fly plus an escort of guards.

No-name’s name is Saul.

We agree to job… but he wants us to take him. He will return with the ship in 2 days. It’s an old FireFly. That has a magnetic grapple and a Breaching Bore.

Mirage uses Bounty Hunter Skill to find a job for the new super crew to do together. Group of Bank Robbers – 4 wanted live, last know location was bank in small town 1 hour dive, 30 seconds flying. 250 credits / head
Naomi (hotness) tries to look up the bank robbers, she finds warrant.
We fly to the town, in minutes.
Miranda hits the streets for streetwise.
Wesley goes to Bank, speaks to manager and gets a description. Nash waits outside
They came in cowboy style waving guns around, they wanted only credits, not platinum, said ya lets go get drunk. No injuries. They ided when they came in because when they came in they sounded like they were from news vids. Get his number so I can give call if I have any more questions. Streetwise tells us that credits can be used in core but not platinum.
Kari and Miranda and Al do street wise asking questions.
They get little information, but hear that Round Top (near-by town) that has some nice stores and bars, might be a lead.
Local Law has almost nothing. Vid of going in and exciting.
We rent a mule to go to RoundTop. Short drive. Few hundred people.
Everyone starts doing their own thing, streetwise from Mirage, Sniper points from Kari, Nash walks.
Mirage hears about 4 guys at the watering hole who aren’t regulars. Kari starts moving in to scope out the place out. There are 4 semi trained guys moving in, likely another bounty hunter group, 2 by 2 front back, pistols and shotguns.
We try to distract them using Mirage’s bouncing breasts but fail they continue inside. So Kari attempts to trick them by slashing their ankles and getting inside. The other 2 got in the back door. The one on the right is distracted (-2). The other is not. She is now inside. Everyone else is sprinting for the door.

Round 1
Mirage runs inside. There are 4 guys who vaguely match the description at a bar on the back wall. There is the back door behind the bar that the other guys are going to. Round tables with chairs. There are a few other bar patrons. She yells out that they are under arrest.
The four bounty hunters flip tables and start yelling that they are under arrest. They are ignoring us as much as possible. They name the robbers
Al runs inside. And crouches next to one of the bounty hunters. They exchange words.
Kari runs and slides into a table and upends it and plays Parley so we all stop and listen to her talk for 30 seconds
Wesley runs in and crouches next to another one
The Parley gets a conversation going, an argument breaks out and Wesley asks them who they would like to be taken in by, the 4 cowboys try to sneak out the back, Nash and Al go after them.

Round 2
Wesley runs up to point black on Big Bruiser Butterbean and tries to intimidate him, he fails, Butterbean growls menacingly.
Mirage jumps up on bar and tries to kick one cowboy in the face, no fighting skill. She fails.
Al attempts to punch him but sinks Ruth deep into his blubber, no damage.
Kari nimbly bounds over the counter to close the range to the counter. She runs up and does a scissor kick take down. She grapples him successfully
The bounty hunters hold their action.
Nash, being the presumptuous ass that he is, jumps up on the counter, shoots Butterbean in the knee and kicks the grappled cowboy in the face. Butterbean throws a benny and recovers. The kick misses.
One of the cowboys breaks the grapple. 2 run off through the kitchen. Butterbean tries to hit Al but fails. Butterbean staggers away after being banged in the head by Wesley

Round 3
Mirage shoots one in the back, and wounds one. Nash shot and missed, Kari tries punching and kicking but doesn’t get far. – we are failing to get very far with beating them up. Al again punches blubber twice. Wesley runs past the two in front (trick) stomping on ones foot and yells in the face of the two out in front, “I am sick of all this running.” Butterbean tries to punch Al but he blocks.
The cowboy fighting Kari throws a punch but she throws a punch.

Round 4
Mirage decides to shoot Butterbean, and Butterbean is toasted. Nash attempts to wing one out back, he goes down. Kari screams “I can’t believe you’d hit a girl” trick. The cowboy begs forgiveness and is shaken. Against his will, Wesley is forced to shoot the last cowboy and he is incapacitated. Al holds his action, crouches.

Round 5
Mirage tells them to stand down. In a mildly threatening but totally hot way. Wesley saunters back into the bar, yelling out “Medic.” Kari draws her weapons on the guy she has been wrestling with. Nash returns to inside the bar, with guns drawn.
To figure out the situation, Nash shoots the guy who has been in a misogynistic dance with Kari in the knee. The two leaders of the bounty hunters order us to stand down. Wesley orders Al to pull blubber back behind the bar. Al plays “get a clue” GM suggests we give them the leader if he lives. We accept. Nash tries to heal the leader and we get the other three. One guy dies of his wounds, we get the last 2.
We load them on to the mule, Mirage looks around for the ill gotten booty. We find a hotel cardkey on one of the robbers. The management of that hotel lets us go into the room and take their ammo. And the unspent 100 credits. Mirage also gets a gun (equiv stats to a Glock). Kari eyes up the cash register, Wesley tries to keep an eye on her. She impresses Wesley with sexual antics.
We take the prisoners back. We get $250 for 2 live ones and $50 for the dead one.
We tell them the leader will be along in a few minutes.
Maintenance for Oxford ChickenHawk is 560 credits per month. But Wesley does good maintaining and its only $280 this month.
Mirage uses her connections to get some bolts. Wesley negotiates and Mirage jumps in also. And renegotiates to 45 credits for full load of bolts (weapon ammo level to “full”).
We meet back up with Saul who shows us the ship, after we confirm that we agree to do the mission. The ship is named The Tick. It’s an old school Firefly. Dlash takes down the stats.
Wesley considers if this is worth the investment given the risk. The crew wants to do it.

Experience earned:
Wesley 2
Nashh 2
Al 2
Miranda 2
Kari 2
Naomi 1


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