Savaged Serenity

01-29-11: Perdition part 2

Start in prison cell, deciding on course of action.
W has a rifle from guard, MacGyvers a one shot silencer for the rifle,
Nash revives Mercedes to be able to walk with us.
Guard that was struck down last session has
• Handcuff
• Handcuff key
• Stun baton
• Pistol
• Micro transmitter
• Pass-card
• Rifle
DC takes pistol. Nash takes the rest but Phoenix takes handcuffs, DC puts in micro-transmitter
Party leaves to check other rooms.
Nash sneaks up with card reader, W goes to cover hallway. There are guards watching banks of monitors with their back to us.
Nash opens the door labeled filing. There is a computer that Nash tries to use.
Able to log on
W tries to log on but burns through his bennies and fails.
Nash and Allen search other room, which is filled with stuff
Finds a bag filled:
• 2 guard uniforms
• 2 gas masks
• Two transmitters
• Two assault rifles 1 to DC
• 2 pistols empty but empty chamber 1 to Nash I to W
• 2 stun batons charged
Divide up bullets

W finally gets the code. With GM being nice
• Can unlock and lock door we were kept in
• Can shut off fire and water suppression for r8 and r9 (which is what we went through)
• Can lock / unlock all doors on this corridor
• Some pipes carry sleep gas
• Guard station gives commands for activating gas in case of riot
• Turn off camera in this section and in hall
• Can deactivate hand pull alarms
W finds a policy and procedure file, the guard stations require a key code

Micro-transmitter calls requesting guard to check in, DC manages to sound enough like a guard to only get a verbal tongue lasing from supervisor
W and DC put on uniforms,
W turns off cameras, in our area to prevent being seen
W tries again on the computer and learns guard computers are better
W searches other room and finds an assault kit,
• 3 chem charges
• Flashbang
• An optical bomb
DC tries to persuade his way into guard booth acting as an old man replacement for sick guards
DC gets in.
Guard goes to the john
W runs into station and accesses computer
• Lock/unlock cell block doors
• Lock/unlock large security gates
• Turn on/off security camera in cell blocks
• Recorded loop of cameras in previous area
• Turn off sleep gas r-7 to r-9
• Loop camera in security camera
• Can unlock guard room doors
Found gear locker in guard room

DC and W try to determine how many guards there are.

Nash comes into the room to stun baton. When the guard returns, Nash stuns him.
DC hand cuffs him and stuffs sock in his mouth
Everyone searches the guard for silent alarm and remove transceiver to prevent him from calling for backup
The stunning has attracted attention of a guard in neighboring booth. DC blocks the view into the booth the party is in and called him in, W put gun to his head, and incapacitated him
Transmitted to other guard who sounded alarm, W tries to threaten him to turn off alarm.
Guard not intimidated, so W pulls trigger

W squishes one
W collects 2 full mags reloaded pistols
Turn off gas so they can’t flood us, opens all prisoners in R-7 and turns off cameras.

ETA 7.5 min to full swat teams to R-7
Guards get attacked by prisoners who get out.
W tries and fails to lock security doors.
W tells the prisoners of unlocked weapons cash in r-6 to distract guards.
Nash sets up to take down guards coming down from r-8
3 guards start coming down corridor
W joins to shoot

Nash – BOOM head shot
DC comes through the door w/ guard uniform
W takes up a position on other side of door and yells to prisoners.
W and Nash kill guards
Yell to prisoners to go get guards weapons, they refuse
Seth manages to convince prisoners to go to warden’s block thus providing group with cannon fodder
W unlocks gate and the group follows the cannon fodder down the cell block.
Grab guard’s stuff as we pass, Nash maintains over watch
Cannon fodder gets taken out by guards in next station down, the guard opened a small slot and machine gunned our advance troops (formerly known as prisononers)
W and Nash, try to shoot through slot
W and Nash try next to shooting through glass.
W runs up and tosses flash-bang while dc and Nash cover
Resulting flash-bang blinds one but not the other.
Nash follows, both prone, so does Alan.
dc strolls down corridor yelling for the whipper snappers to slow down, he is in fact covering our rear
Phoenix promises sexual favors to remaining guard locked inside of next booth if he lets us in.
He declines
Nash firing on slot hits someone inside, but not fatally
While the guard is dealing with Nash’s firing, W places chem-plas
Door blown to hell, with shrapnel everywhere
W goes inside
Nash follows up behind W
Alan takes lead
Phoenix follows with Mercedes
Next round
W goes into station, one guard down having been flash-banged and is in the corner, W attempts to unarm him.
Alan, comes in takes out guard, W and Nash go to over-watch for phoenix and Mercedes to get into room
Alpha squad has been closing in on us and is now at the end of the hall. 24 squares away (medium range)
Nash fires at first. Armor protects them.
Alan is instructed to open the locker in the guard station
W goes to check computer
Alan fails, dc tries to get it open box
And he fails
Phoenix and Mercedes move into room.
W checks computer
DC shoots down corridor
W opens security door in guard station
Nash goes through the door, plan is to move through door, than shoot computer and hope door locks.
Nash runs down hall and checks lock on the next breach point

Next round:
Phoenix and Mercedes run through guard station into corridor behind Nash
Alpha squad moves up, now 12 squares away, they fire many rounds into walls and door
DC fires auto down hall at alpha
Than DC and Alan move into hall
W locks the door with the computer, shoots and misses the computer, so holds until next turn
W rolls a plas grenade at computer misses but seems ok, goes through door and closes it.

Next Round:
W gets to next door to plant last grenade next door.
Grenade goes off in other guard station, but we have no idea what happened
Everyone is holding until next round

Next Round:
Everyone holds action for W to plant grenade
Door goes down; W goes into smoky area and into a very large room, the torture room, it’s a cargo bay door
In bay there is an old man in chains and Corporal Lynn has a gun on old man
We think old man is Elias Wingate father of Mercedes

Next Round:
Alan goes to meat shield old man
DC moves in and fires on Lynn – hits, shaken Lynn
Phoenix and Mercedes move into room, it is her dad on the wall, tries to pull way, but Phoenix holds on to her
He is pretty beaten up
Nash; boom head shot, wound
W runs through room toward ship in docking bay

Next round:
Phoenix and Mercedes run to dad to try and unlock dad with universal key, works dad is free
DC goes to finish off Lynn, Lynn goes down
We hear rapid firing and a big explosion from inside the ship, big explosion and doors are knocked ajar
Nash runs toward ship, Alan attempts to move boxes to block door
There are 4 hooks for vac suits and one is missing
W moves up to door of ship, looking inside he sees grav cart in middle of the floor, large crate with blackened heavy machine gun, likely destroyed, looks like a big fire fight, can hear it still going on throughout ship
Smoke fills area couple of bodies, there is a body smoking in grav cart

Next round:
Gun fire big battle sounds
Alan continues to try and block door so bad guys can’t come through
DC goes to check the room where Lynn went down it’s the com room, nothing of much interest but for a monitor that shows 2 large alliance boats in high orbit, and a planetary fighter that is patrolling
Everyone moves toward ship, combat is essentially over
Also check other room which is warden’s office: Files of illegal activity stuff, Nash grabs a source box and some other stuff that looks incriminating
This combat essentially over and we move onto the ship

W heads toward stair case where gun fire seems to be, DC follows
Nash and Alan heads up other stair case to make sure we don’t get flanked, leads to galley, w/ cooking equipment with a dead guard on the floor
Phoenix closes docking bay doors sealing us into ship

Upstairs W is in between two fighting factions; Nash is coming up behind one group

Phoenix moves up stairs into Galley
Mercedes and Dad stay down stairs by bay doors
Factions continue to shoot at each other, Wang is one of the two guards in the fight, and the other group is unknown to us
DC and W run to other stair cases, DC moves fast enough to shoot but misses, DC reloads
Nash move up and fires at the other guard but misses; guards realize they are being shot at from both sides

Next Round:
Nash shoots and hits and incapacitates one guard
W walks up and fires on Wang point blank and he’s dead then steps into cover and asks “who are you” to other group
Alan moves up into cover
DC asks “are you ready to give up”
They yell back do you work for Colonel Regivick
“No”, they won’t give up, just want to get out alive
We feel an engine starting
W persuades them to weapons up, off trigger we a stand in hallway
These guys were at the bar; their leader was the guy with red hat
They say they are bounty hunters
Nash tells them there are alliance ships in orbit
W moves to engine room at end of hall slinging weapon as he moves
W and Nash exchange a glance, upon passing the guards, everyone rises weapons on Bounty hunters, taking them hostage using persuasion; they are then handcuffed to the ceiling pipes
Strip them of their stuff
• Pistol
• Knife
• Rifles
Everyone then moves towards bridge, Alan stays behind to guard them
Go up into rec room with a punching bag then up to bridge door. We open thebridge door swat style
Phoenix opens door with W, DC, and Nash pointing weapons down range
One guy on bridge with weapon pointed back wards
He says he is the only one who knows how to fly ship; he is man with red hat
W goes down to engine room, phoenix gets dad and daughter and brings them up
We leave red-hat in pilot seat while DC makes piloting role for info
Take off, break free of docking bay, broke docking arm
W fails to get familiar with engine room
Pilot thinks we will not want to attract attention
Might be able to out run alliance but not positive. Thus launches long conversation about how to get out of system
The ship has some “surprises” (guns)

In the end, to avoid alliance notice we try to give clearance and pretend all is well and hope they don’t stop us, this works and we are off
Next we discuss how to deal with bounty hunters
If we let them live and drop them off at a habitable planet than he will give us the ship
Then he puts up his hands
W heads back to bridge
Set course for Hera
Shackle the red hat guy too

Nash checks for wounds on Mercedes and her dad and helps heal them
Look over ship, missile launcher too woot
We put 3 bounty hunters left in brig.

Elias is very grateful and offers us pull with judges
Everyone can add Elias Wingate as a connection, owner CEO of Far-Yukon Mining Corporation on Hera
His eyes are now opened to the evils of indentured servants and will try to get away from this practice in the future and will start working with mining guild
It will take 62 hours to get to Hera
Looking over the ship, in the Engine room we learn that there are lots of modifications, engine has lots of extra power but burns a lot more, it’s also very agile,

Long Discussion follows about the case for or against court going before the court with Elias’s help
Since we were moved off planet to Perdition Elias thinks he can help us
Both Al and DC have previous charges
Elias reviewed the documents we took, and can make case that this is a corruption case and charges against us should be dropped

Given our pasts it seems for W and Nash, going to court is not advised
But for DC and Alan it does make sense to go before court with Phoenix
They get bound by law, Elias comes to their aid, starts a new program for getting rid of indentured service, turns over all of Colonel Regivicks stuff, the charges for W and Nash dropped after they also reconsider and go along with others to hearing (note: slight modification of personal history needed),
All charges dropped
Xi Wang Black (red hat) issues stolen ship complaint after we drop them off

Ship stats
60 tons fuel
480 tons cargo
Speed 5
Hard burn 8
All of us get 100 credits (250platinum) plus enough to fuel ship (60 tons fuel + 100 credits per ton)

Elias recommends Persephone; he recommends we head toward Badger

First we pick up our henchman

01-08-11: Character creation, and Perdition Session 1

Savaged Firefly

Session Notes # 1

January 8th, 2001

  • Players find themselves at an establishment name Ace in the Hole. @ Gamblers Run. PCs spend several days of gambling and fun getting to know each other.
    • Harld Westleberry: 30ish Browncoat carrying a rifle. Repairman
    • Darnell Cooper (DC): 60ish Browncoat carrying a shotgun.
    • Pilot Nashh Kadavr: Teenager Browncoat carrying 2 pistols and a sword. Medic
    • Phoenix Cierra: Young 20ish Companion. Carrying a rapier.
    • Ezra-Joe House: Browncoat – Friend of DC
  • Start of Story begins with everyone at the usual gambling table.
  • Everyone is keeping their own at the table.
  • Nashh is winning money hand over fist.
  • A man approaches DC (Darnell Cooper) about a job. He represents Jacob Walton who is the VP of the Miners Guild. Needs one of his employees to not enter this establishment.
  • Employee is Mercedes Wingate
    • Daughter of Elias Wingate who runs Far-Yukon, a Titanium Mine on Hera which uses indentured servants to do the mining.
    • Works for Miners Guild. Miners’ Guild is opposed to indentured servitude.
    • Fallen in with shady characters and is meeting terrorist here tonight.
    • PCs are expected to escort her out and protect her until dawn.
  • PCs hear of rumors of people getting taken to Perdition – Titanium mine which uses slave labor.
    • Located right underneath and alliance penal colony.
  • Man approaches Harld mistaking him for someone else. Wants to finish a trade of alliance i**formation for Far-Yukon Data
    • Name is Shing Xiao (“Shing Zao”)
    • Removes himself and blends into crowd.
  • Mercedes enters establishment and comes over to Harld mistaking him as well. Phoenix calms her down as she is nervous. She eventually meets with Shing Zao and makes the exchange.
  • Nashh and Phoenix follow Shing to side door just as a large number of local police storm the building with 100-150 more outside.
  • Combat Ensues – Micro Combat
    • Harld and DC take out two of the officers before they run off
    • Nashh takes out two of the officers before getting shot by another one. Minor wound – Healed later.
  • Police retreat and stand off begins.
    • Ends in teargas and surrender of PCs.
    • Terrorists are found out to be bounty hunters. Police chief slip of the tongue.
    • Characters are singled out, bound and headed to Perdition.
  • Prison
    • Characters get usual speech about prison and escaping.
    • Characters are put through showers and then put in a room together. Bound
    • Corporal of Prison and flunkies (Lin and Yang) come out to meet us. Begin torture and extraction of secrets with a “cattle prod” device
      • Nashh tells of fear of dark and that he has an enemy named Kevin Smith
      • Phoenix is low society
      • Mercedes gives up a lot of info including rebelling against her parents.
    • Corporal gives up that he hates Far-Yukon in a rage fit.
    • Players hear that an alliance transport is on the way with a prisoner..Elias Wingate. He will cost twice the amount.
    • Players are taken to another room where they manage to escape the chains and surprise the guard with two blows to the head. Guard’s head went to mush…multiple raises on damage.



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