The "OCH" (Oxford Chickenhawk)


Name/Type: Freedom’s Flight (former fast research ship converted for bounty hunting)
Speed Class: 5/8 hard burn
Toughness: 20
Fuel Capacity: 60 tons (400 hours due to Gas Guzzler)Cost: ?? (but very expensive)
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d2, Spirit d2, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Notice d6, Starmaps/Nav d2, Knowledge (science) d2, Knowledge (Aerial Transport Ops) d2
Edges: Allure (minor), Fast Throttle (minor)
Hindrances: Gas Guzzler
Crew: 2+6
Dimensions: 106 × 125 × 48 (LxBxH); 1900 tons
Cargo capacity/Max Deck Load: 480 tons; 1 ton internal weapons
Armament: Four 100-pound short range explosive missiles (concealed in right wing’s sensory array pod)
Complexity: 1.6
Maintenance costs: 38 points in skills and attributes = high complexity. Annual maintenance costs are 2 credits per ton times 1.6 for High complexity = 6080 = 506 credits per month.
Notes: careful inspection of the ship will reveal that this most likely was some kind of science vessel that has been extensively converted for more militant uses. The missile launcher in the sensor pod has been well concealed from the outside, and has displaced several cubic yards of what was most likely scientific sensor equipment. The infirmary and brig do not appear to be original either, but added in later. Some evidence exists that there was lab space where the cargo and infirmary areas are now.

Deck Plans

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Upper Deck | Middle Deck | Lower Deck
M22 upper deck image M22 middle deck image M22 lower deck image


Formerly known as “Freedom’s Flight”

The "OCH" (Oxford Chickenhawk)

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