Jarreth R Teliogache



– Agility: d8
– Smarts: d8
– Strength: d6
– Spirit: d4
– Vigor: d4

Charisma = 0; Pace = 6; Parry = 4; Toughness = 4;

– Fighting (AGL) – d4
– Investigation (SMRT) – d8
– Knowledge (Computers) (SMRT) – d8; +2 Due to Scholar
– Knowledge (Electronics) (SMRT) – d8; +2 Due to Scholar
– Notice (SMRT) – d8
– Shooting (AGL) – d6

– Curious (Major) = Behavior requires JR to following everything that he does not know about
– Outsider (Minor) = Behavior is revealed in not fitting in with any major group – always off on his own
– Stubborn (Minor) = Behavior requires JR to get his back up for most activities

Edges: Scholar, Luck, Quick

Equipment: Load Limit = 30 lbs
– Backpack (Weight = 2)
– Crowbar (Weight = 2)
– Flashlight (Weight = 3)
– Handheld Computer (Omni Tool) (Weight = 1)
– Tools (Computer and Basic) (Weight = 5)

– H&K MP5 (9mm) = Range: 12/24/48; ROF: 3; Damage = 2d6; Ammo – 30 rounds per clip
(47 rounds left as of April 7th, 2013) (Two Clips available); Weight = 10
– S&W (.357) Revolver = Range: 12/24/48; ROF: 1; Damage = 2d6 +1; Ammo – 6 rounds per carriage
(12 Rounds left as of April 7th, 2013); Weight = 4
– Spiked (Weighted) gloves = Range: Melee; Damage = STR +d4; Weight = 1

Level: Novice – Experience at 0 (prior to 7 April 2013)
– Scholar – Provide a +2 to two Knowledge Categories
– Luck – One extra Bennie at beginning of game session
– Quick – Cards dealt in combat must be above a 5; Redraw until above a 5


Permanent Injuries: None yet


Jarreth R. Teliogach

Growing up as an orphan on the outer rim, all Jarreth wanted was to be able to get off the planet and work as a tech specialist, like his father, or so he was told, he never knew his father. At the age of 10 he was determined to get whatever job he could, to raise enough money for school. At first he told himself that he would only do respectable jobs but times were tough and work was hard to find. One day a member of a local gang approached JR. He wanted Jarreth to steal some parts from a computer store down the street. Knowing that this was his only way to get money, he reluctantly accepted. He managed to steal the part and gave it to the man. JR received his pay and the man left.

The man from the gang returned to JR regularly paying him to steal from the stores on that street. A couple weeks after he started stealing the owner of the computer store caught him. Furious, the owner demanded that JR explain himself. Desperate JR confessed to his crimes and why he had stolen from him. Taking pity on him the store owner, named Gavan, didn’t turn Jarreth into the police. Instead Gavan had JR work for him for the next 4 years to repay his debt to Gavan. Jarreth and Gavan became friends after about a year when JR proved his loyalty by stopping a thief from stealing from the store. At this time Gavan began to teach JR all he knew about computers and electronics, which was a vast amount of knowledge. Gavan treated JR like his son as he had no kid of his own. JR was for once accepted by another and treated kindly. That was not to last of course. One day when JR stayed at the store to clean up and close up before joining Gavan for dinner at his house, Gavan was murdered in an alley by the same gang that got JR into crime. JR was destroyed, Gavan had been the only one to ever show him kindness. Enraged Jarreth vowed to get his revenge.

For the next 2 years he restlessly pursued the gang and its members. There was a rival gang, called The Dragons, who were the second most powerful gangs in the area, behind The Ravens, and it was to them that Jarreth turned to for help on his quest. With The Dragon’s help he foiled almost all the heists of the murderous gang, The Ravens. JR hacked into their systems gaining access to all of their plans, banking accounts, contacts, safe houses etc. One by one he eliminated each and every one of their contacts told the law enforcement about their hidden lairs, where their next major heist would be. In 3 short years he toppled the most powerful gang in the city. His need for revenge sated, he used most of the money from The Ravens to fund his education as a tech specialist. The rest he used to pay The Dragons for their help.

At the age of 22, he finished his education, flying through with a knack for learning he never knew he had. He set out to explore the galaxy. It wasn’t long before he heard about the Browncoat rebellion. After figuring out who was fighting and what they were fighting for he quickly set about joining the Browncoats. When he first met up with the Browncoat recruiters they were sceptical about his usefulness to them. At the age of 22 he was still the skinny kid he grew up as. He was tall however, about 6 feet 10 inches. He had sandy brown hair, green eyes and had a hard face. The trials he had faced as a teenager had changed him. He was an outsider, other than Gavan, no one cared for him. He liked it this way, he stubbornly refused to rely on others.
To prove his worth to the recruiter he used the laptop the recruiter had to remotely hack into an alliance database and pull up a list the shipments coming into the city. Impressed he allowed JR into the Browncoat Rebellion.

During the war JR was sent on missions to infiltrate alliance locations and retrieve sensitive information. Jarreth was assigned to one of the smaller squads that needed an infiltrator. JR soon befriended his squad of four. Harold “double H” Hogan, Vex “ice” Montray, Etienne “the musketeer” Montray, and the love of his life Alexandra Lomberge. His squad was like a family to him. When he and his squad were out on a mission in a high security alliance base, they were betrayed! One of the higher ups in the Browncoat rebellion sold them out for Alliance money. While he was hacking into the mainframe with his squad setting charges and keeping an eye out for trouble he discovered the switch up. The mainframe revealed that the base was a trap designed for him and his squad. The guards they thought they saw were just projections and recordings. Before he could warn them the base filled with poisonous gas. The Alliance in their cruelty, sealed the computer room and put his friends dying on all the monitors via security cameras. Jarreth, in desperation attempted to shut down the gas and open the doors, but he was in too much pain to think clearly. Being a tech specialist he had no means of blasting open the doors, but with his pistol he shot out the computer screens so he wouldn’t have to watch. When their screams finally ended, the doors opened. In front of the door lay his team clawing at their faces which was covered in red splotches. Worst off all was Alex her red hair spread across her face, hiding the worst of her wounds. Crushed, Jarreth sank to his knees cradling his love in his arms. Several hours later when the Browncoat recovery team appeared he was still there completely silent. Vowing revenge.

Jarreth R Teliogache

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