Allen "Al" Capshaw

Former pro-football qb turned criminal


Attributes: Agility d8 (2), Smarts d4, Strength d6 (1), Spirit d4, Vigor d8 (2)

Skills: Climbing(ag) d6(2), Fighting(ag) d10(3, Gambling d4, Notice d6 (+2 Alertness), Shooting d4, Stealth d8, Survival d4, Swimming d4

Charisma: 0; Pace: 8 (run d10); Parry: 8 (Fig/2 + 2 ; Toughness: 7 (Vig/2 + 2 + 1 Brawny)

Hindrances: Bad Eyes (–2 att or notice anything over 5" distance), Loyal (never betrays or disappoints friends), Habit (chain smoker)

Edges: Alertness (2 Notice), Brawny (Tough1, load: 48), Ambidextrous (ignore –2 off hand penalty), First Strike (att. 1 foe who moves adjacent), Two-Fisted (ignore –2 multi-hand penalty), Combat Reflexes (2 recover from Shaken), No Mercy (may spend bennies to re-roll dmg), Fleet Footed (2 pace, d10 running), Martial Artist (never considered unarmed, +d4 to unarmed damage rolls)

Gear: Brass Knuckles “Ruth” (d6 strength, +d4 Ruth, +d4 Martial Artist)

Advances: Exp 38
BG – Alertness
BG – Brawny
BG – Ambidexterous
05 – First Strike
10 – Two-Fisted
15 – Skill Bump (Fighting d8→d10)
20 – Combat Reflexes
25 – No Mercy
30 – Fleet Footed
35 – Martial Artist


Three npcs that Al knows (secrets):

Sir Bruce Taylor. A Johnson (aka. guy who needs work, sometimes illegal work) with an Australian accent. Bruce did about 6 months of white collar jail time some 15 years ago — which is where he met Al. Bruce told him if he ever needed some work when he got out to give him a call. Al laughed it off and all but forgot about him after Al got out. Once things started going south Al called Bruce up not only to find that he remembered what he said 15 years ago, but that Bruce was a wealthy man in need of occasional contract work. He’s hired Al a few times in the last few years and likes Al’s loyalty and no questions asked attitude.

Junkyard Juseppi. (New Jersey accent) owns/runs a spacecraft junkyard on Sihnon. Al’s performed a few jobs with him. Juseppi taught Al how to play cribbage and then they started playing one silver per point. Juseppi owes Al several thousand silver. Any time Al (jokingly) asks him to cough it up, Juseppi challenges him to another game — and racks up more debt :)
(Session 4/6/12 – Al told of Juseppi for an Interlude. Al cashed in on Juseppi’s debt for info on Blue Sun scrapyards)

Captain Yazmin Vila Sousa (yahz-MEEN). Brazilian. Captains and pilots her own Firefly. She’s in her 50s and is quite the cougar. Al was her crew once but after they sacked up, she fired him. For her ship/crew, shipboard romances are verboten (BTW-she goes through a lot of crew :).

Allen "Al" Capshaw

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