Savaged Serenity

Stand and Deliver - Again?

Crew Members:
– Dlash = Nashh
– Dbay = Justus
– Seth = Al
– Braeden = J.R.
– Kelly = Sticky Shoe?
– Ethan = Nicolon
– Ken = Mimi
– Brian = Kari

NPCs = Naomi, Admiral H, Adm. H’s Body Guard

As we last left the story, our valorous heroes were just finishing a major battle outside of the Secondary Bridge and engine room access points. There were three new crew members hired to assist in taking over control of the Admiral’s ship. As they took their time arriving, they were unable to partake of the previous battle, but quickly integrated into the crew.

Two enemy soldiers were in retreat toward the front of the ship through the main corridors. The soldier in the starboard corridor managed to make it to the bulwark hatch prior to our crew moving into position. The soldier in the port corridor also made it to the hatch. Mimi, Al, and Sticky Shoe moved to cover the port corridor; whilst Justus and J.R. covered down on the starboard corridor. Nashh took this opportunity to check on Naomi and ensure her health, while Kari worked with the Admiral on the secondary bridge in the attempt to gain control of the ship and its primary and secondary operating systems. Nicolon secured the rear hatch, while using his body as door, not realizing that opening the door and acting like an overgrown target is a quick way to the grave…

As our crew members began to secure the area, the Admiral was able to secure the side and rear hatches, allowing us to focus on moving forward down both the starboard and port corridors. Nashh and Naomi began to move toward the starboard side, while Kari remained in the secondary bridge with the Admiral to ensure open communications between each of the team leads.

As Mimi and Al worked their way toward the port corridor, Mimi realized that the bulkhead door was cracked. The retreating soldiers lobed grenades through the hatches to slow our crew members down. The starboard explosion had no effect, with the port explosion barely affecting Mimi and Al. After moving forward, both teams were able to secure the bulkhead doors both starboard and port.

Justus and J.R. were able to open their door on the starboard side, with J.R. firing several rounds down the empty corridor. On the port side, Al ran forward, opened the hatch and dropped to the floor. Sticky took the opportunity to snipe the retreating soldier – dropping him to the ground. Much time was passed as both groups cleared this section of the ship. Things were going according to plan, until the secondary bridge was locked out of the ship controls and the power cut off in the remaining sections. The Admiral was able to bring the emergency lighting back on-line, but still made it difficult to see in the dim lighting.

A conference was called and it was decided to form into three main teams. Team 1, comprising of Justus, J.R. and Nicolon, took a hatch to the lower level, moving in tandem with the teams on the level above them. Team 2, formed with Al, Mimi, and Sticky took over the port corridor, leaving team 3 (Nashh, Kari, Naomi, and the Admiral) to cover the starboard corridor. Coordinated through the comms system, team 1 moved into the next section and checking for enemy personnel. They were able to secure the area, with Justus on the hatch access ladder for the starboard hallway and Nicolon setting into position mirroring Justus on the port side. Team 2 and team 3 both opened the doors on the upper level, knowing that some form of trap would be triggered once they started down the hallways. Kari took a risk and executed a running slide into the corridor next to the side door, with the attempt of remaining low enough to dodge most bullets and yet be able to discover the locations of any opposition. Kari did manage to draw fire and was shot four times. Luckily she was able to soak the damage from the shots. Nashh, providing cover, noted where the muzzle flashes originated, and returned fire killing one of the enemy soldiers. While this occurred in the starboard hallway, the port hallway was just as active. Sticky ran forward and landed in a prone position, while Mimi and Al moved closer. Sticky turned on his flashlight, saw four soldiers trained on him, which when they fired, he returned fire, and then he leapt for the room to his right (bathroom) to get any cover available.

With both team 2 and team 3 starting the engagement on the main level, team 1 took the opportunity to open the two hatches with the intent of coming up behind any enemies. Al, attempting to trick the enemies while knowing “now would be a good time for a grenade…”, attempted to simulate the sound of a grenade being thrown, while shouting, “GRENADE” to make it a reality. The enemy soldiers backed off a bit, but not to the extent he had hoped. Nashh, being deathly afraid of the dark (pansy), switched on his flashlight and lobed it toward the intersection with the result of providing some dim lighting of our opponents. Nicolon was able to open his hatch, but that was the extent of his aggression. Once the soldiers realized that we were attempting to come from behind, they quickly attempted to secure the hatches. Nicolon was not successful in maintaining control of his ladder and was quickly locked out. Al, on the other hand, with a deep grunt and a fart, was able to knock the hatch wide open and climb to the upper level, spraying and praying, missing the guy right in front of him, but taking out one of the enemy soldiers that were pinning down team 2. Kari attempted to use this distraction to open the door she was leaning against, but failed to realize that “RED” means “NO” and was denied, he head hung in shame held her action lest she hit Al aiming for the other enemy soldier next to him.

Sticky, realizing that the bathroom is not the best place to hold of the enemy, yelled at the soldiers across the hall and around the corner from him that he had explosives and would not hesitate it “blowing them…up”. They ducked back out of sight, which foiled the shots Mimi had lined up in prep of them stepping into the corridor. This forced Mimi to take a more active roll and slink along the side of the corridor, launching his own flashlight and taking shots at the soldiers at the junction near Sticky. Meanwhile, on the other side of the hallway, Al continued to fight the soldier beside him, while making room for J.R. to follow him up the ladder. J.R. was able to take out one of the soldiers in the room that Kari was outside of, with wounding the other. This allowed Nashh to sprint into the room, katana flying, to realize a butter knife would have more success than a skinny doctor flailing around with a sharp instrument. Al finally decided to punch the soldier he was standing next to, instead of firing at point blank range and still not hitting him. He was able to wound him, but he soaked the damage.

Mimi and Sticky traded shots with the two soldiers in the room across from the bathroom and eventually managed to take them out. This left only three enemy soldiers remaining (two WC and one shaken soldier left over from the fight with Mimi). A retrograde action to the rear was called and the enemy soldiers made a run for it down the port corridor. J.R., crowbar in hand, decided to follow down the starboard corridor and managed to get the bulkhead door partially open. Nicolon, tired of hiding and not playing well with the others, decided to follow the fleeing soldiers and took out the last soldier in retreat, the shaken one. The two main enemy soldiers (WCs) were able to get to the other side of the hatch and the door was locked behind them. Al, pissing and groaning, informed the group that we should always take out the leaders before dealing with the riffraff…

At this point – time stopped as the handlers ran out of energy for the night and needed sleep. Follow these gripping adventures next time when we meet to make another run for the bridge…. hopefully not another year from now.

4/6/13 – Seth’s meager session notes:

Joined by progeny, character creation occurred as we tried to remember what happened one year ago today.
Our valiant protagonists resumed there objective to take over the mothballed ship before it reached its destination. With new found reinforcements, the team split up into two groups to sweep from one end of the ship to nearly the other, while the groups captain (Mirage?) oversaw the conflict opening/closing doors with the push of a button as needed.

A number of armed bad guys were encountered, and were dispatched in full cinematic slow-motion.


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