Savaged Serenity

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Savaged Serenity Session Notes
6 April 2012
Eric Wong. GM.
Dave Lash – Nash Kadaver / Naomi Waters
Ken Noon – Mimi “Mirage” Lam
Brian Hudiburgh – Kari Anbhas
Seth Davis – Al Capshaw / DC

Left Whitefall, heading for Sihnon (core world)

INTERLUDE (from SW Deluxe rules)
SETHSPADE (victory story)
Al tells The Tale of Junkyard Juseppi. Has a New Jersey accent and owns/runs a spacecraft junkyard. Al’s performed a few jobs with him. Juseppi taught Al how to play cribbage and then they started playing one silver per point. Juseppi owes Al several thousand silver. Any time Al (jokingly) asks him to cough it up, Juseppi challenges him to another game — and racks up more debt :)

KENSPADE (victory story)
Mirage explains the origin of Mirage’s Crossbow. On the planet Three Hills, there is a bounty hunter, Bob Alexander, known for his trademark weapon – this crossbow. Mirage traveled to Three Hills and discovered Bob was in ‘forced’ retirement. She searched for two weeks before he found him. Bob challenged him to a game to earn his trademark crossbow. He solved it and earned the crossbow.

Discussion on how to capture the StarStrider (Browncoat Flagship)
Three options: Steal before it leaves Osirus, while in transit to Santo, after it’s arrived at the scrap yard. Decide on the third option and head for Santo.

On route to Santo, Al sends a wave to Jusseppi asking about scrapyard security systems. Jusseppi tells, but Al is obviously up to no good and nulls Jusseppi’s debt to get the following info: most yards use a landlock, they don’t really keep a garrison (light security). Standard security cameras, can take a while to scrap a ship if there is a queue

Arriving to Santo. Orbital Control on Santo pipes in. DC responds that they are there to refuel and RnR. Kiki leans over (young cleavage apparent) and says “and shopping”. O.C. gives coordinates for Santo Major (biggest city).

In Santo Major. General streetwise turns up that the A703 scrapyard handles larger crafts (and likely our target). Mirage went to the corporate office of the A703 (in town) and asks about becoming an employee. Dead end (they may be suspicious). Group hit a strip club to find some A703 workers with loose tongues. Not much learned.

The Heist. Nash and Kari decide to rent a flutter to transport the group somewhat stealthily into the yard. DC pilots and avoids flying debris. Group lands and disembarks – jumped by two guards.

Round #1 – vs. 2 guards
Mirage (Joker) – crossbow, kills one guard
Al (Jack) – moves up, shakes a guard
Kari (10) – shoots and kills the other guard

Climbed into the pilot tower to knock out communications.

Round#1 – vs 2 guards
Mirage (King) – missed.
Guards – shake Al
Al (Jack) – breaks shake
Kari (10) – shot and killed one

Al (Ace) – shakes guard
Mirage ( ) – shoots, kills

Tie up techs and move to B Level. After some maneuvering and notice roles we make our way into Combat. Three marines

Mirage – shoots, no damage
Marines – shoot and wound AL
Kari – one shaken
Al – steps up to marines and misses
DC – moves out, notices five rent-a-cops, takes a shot (shakes one)
Nash – shoots RaC
Naomi – gun jams
Saul – misses

Saul – shoots, kills marine
Nash – missed
Naomi – clears jam
Al – hits and shakes other marine
DC – shoots and kills a RaC
Mirage – removes shaken
Kari – shoots and kills a marine
RaC – shoot and incapacitated Naomi
Marine – shoots and hits Al. Al soaks and saves.

RaC – hit and shake Nash
Marine – missed
Al – missed
DC – shots and kills a RaC
Saul – moves
Kari – kills marine, hits (doesn’t damage) Al in friendly fire
Mirage – kills RaC
Nash – unshakes

Kari (joker) – hits, kills a RaC
Mirage – ?
Al – runs to base
Nash –
RaC – remaining retreat, Al misses on opportunity attack

End of combat
Naomi dies from wounds


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