Savaged Serenity

2012-03-16: Stand and Deliver (Running Away Works Too) Part 3

  • Finish talking with Saul Potter about the location of John Harkness. We are told he is on Whitefall and well hidden. Will most likely also have guards. When we find his location inform them that Saul Potter sent us.
  • The group resupplies with enough food for 25 days and takes off in “The Tick”
  • Halfway to Whitefall an alliance cruiser shows up on radar. The crew quickly make a “crybaby” from the ships navigation, drop speed and deploy. Unfortunately the cruiser is already hailing us and demands to know where we are going and cargo.
  • Apparently the Doctor is default captain….um ok. Nashh tells the alliance cruiser they are heading to Hera and have no Cargo.
  • Of Course they tell us to stop and prepare for being borded. The Tick stops, the girls get on their bathing suites and Nashh gets popsicles.
  • A social battle ensues when the alliance board and search our ship. Mimi easily outwits the dum captain and he leaves.
  • The crew decides to land on Hera to make their story up and up.
  • After leaving Hera and entering Whitefall, navigation shows a black hole in Whitefalls sensor grid. Good to note.
  • Landing near the only shipyard on Whitefall. Nashh goes to get a drink of tea. After returning from the galley the girls are already on the hunt for John Harkness. A name drop leads the players to Bin 5 and they quickly find a hidden area under the floor.
  • To not draw attention, because we are looking for some parts to put back together our ships navigation, two stay above and two meet Harkness.
  • Harkness has been living in a dirty hole for some time…and stinks.
  • The players suggest coming back at night to get them out. The plan is to break in and then walk back to the ship. Stealing a car was considered, but thought it would draw to much attention.
  • Refuel the ship and are now broke.
  • Breakout a success and our awesome pilot..who seems to be fading from existence, makes two rolls and we sneak off of Whitefall through the dark hole.

Experience earned:
Nashh 2
Mimi 2
Kari 2

In an alternate universe a vampire, werewolf and demon walk into a park. Aparently the Dum Dum gang has been challenged and are meeting at Wash Park in the middle of the night to settle being called Dum Dums. They face 6 opponents who look like thugs.

The demon grows big, the werewolf turns wolfy and the Vampire blows the shit out of things with his 50 Cal. In the end the punks fell quick and their veteran demon leader holds his own vs the three….until he runs out of Anima…and then gets eaten by the wolf man. Demon will have to be Nerfed…d12+d6+7 = overpowered squish ability.


mruseless mruseless

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