Savaged Serenity

2012-01-20: Stand and Deliver (Running Away Works, Too) Part 1

Leaving Badger, we head to the Job and Bounty Boards looking for Bounties not knowing what else we want to do.

We find Xi Wang Black (Bounty Hunter Captain whose ship the group now owns) and Colonel Jared Rejovic (the commander of the Perdition prison camp) both have bounties and warrants. W notices someone watching them. Justice sneaks around behind him and pushes him into Nash and Wesley as they walk by. Justus stands there being intimidating. The man stumbles and stammers uncomfortably that he knows someone who would like to hire the group. We have Justice back up a little so as to be slightly less scary. The man asks us if we know Captain Jack Harkness – we claim we don’t though we really do. Harkness’ ship, the StarStrider, is being scrapped by the Alliance and the man thinks it would be nice to return it to Captain Harkness so he can take it and “disappear” forever, giving once last finger to the Alliance.

Captain Harkness was the Browncoat captain of the StarStrider, the largest Browncoat cruiser in the fleet at Serenity Valley. The Browncoats were defeated at Serenity Valley, both on the ground and in space, but StarStrider escaped to fight another day. He was later captured and served jail time (3 years) and has since gone underground. If the BC resistance movement really exists he is likely a part of it.
Wesley tries to talk about how expensive such a mission would be, “Nameless” claims to have approached us because of our skill-set and affordability. Nashh and Wesley discuss while nameless waits outside. Then W goes out to talk to him (but forgets to ask his name)

We ask for the name of one of the potential employers. He refuses to divulge names of the network leadership, but gives the names of 2 Network operatives who will be assisting us should we accept the mission: Wile Hunt (pronounced like Wiley Coyote), and Stel Zess. W asks him to meet the group back in the noodle bar tomorrow so we can get more information and make a decision. We bring up the fact that our ship cannot be involved, it is too easily recognized by the Alliance. The man states that The Network can provide us a ship to pull off the mission. Naomi will add them to the names to search tonight. Dinner tomorrow, same place.

Naomi hacks the Cortex. Search results:
Wile Hunt – Browncoat, did some time. Lists several known associates of which we recognize a couple. Photo. Mid Late 20s blond, square jaw.
Stel Zess – nothing found.
Captain Jack Harkness – rolls well, confirms all we know, mole on front left butt cheek, long list of known associates, served on Perdition, released and transported to somewhere in outer rim, last seen on Deadelus.
Xi Wang Black– Bounty Hunter whose ship we now own. Last known location is the city on Hera where we let him go.
Colonel Jared Rejovic– Former Warden of Perdition. Originally declared dead, in last 2 weeks he was spotted on Londinium but he escaped capture.
Schedule for scrapping of StarStrider – nothing found – only date captured, specs, and reported in impound. And she gets floor plans. 200 meters.

Not much is learned using Streetwise the next day, other than Wile is on the planet.
Naomi also looks for some special gear, Cloak of Concealment (no), Grenades (maybe else ware on planet), Gas Masks (finds 2 but really expensive 5k a piece, 2 with no eye protection that are 2 k a piece).

Experience points earned:
Nashh 2
Naomi 1
Wesley 2
Justice 1


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