Savaged Serenity

2011-07-08: How do we get off this thing?

I don't wanna die out here!

Notes were lost in a tragic computer accident. This entry Revised and re-remembered.

We made our way to the Engine Room to attempt to turn the ship or shut it down.We kept the lieutenant as a hostage.
A fire fight happened on the way to down. The guy who shot at us got away.
In the engine room we met ED-209. Engineering Droid 209. Found a bunch of repair droids, loaded into our ship apparently called Oxford Chickenhawk. Sent a wave to Badger, told him to meet us in New Canaan. Ed was able to get us hydrogen to get back to New Canaan. Told Badger to send men to New Canaan to protect his investment. We refueld there and went back to Persephone with his men. We gave coordinates and bearing to the ship and a bunch of repair bots. We did not mention ED209. Badger to goto Farlander to salvage and contact us with our 15% share.

Experience to date:
All PC’s have 38
Sidekicks have 10, except DC who has 15.


mruseless mruseless

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