Savaged Serenity

06-17-11: The Farlander

How do we get off this thing?

Hallways pretty wide but vines and overgrowth make it rough terrain. Looking for ambushes as we go and keeping track of side paths,
Decide to move to the bridge; Nash, Justus and Al take lead as they go up to bridge. Naomi in the middle, Wesley comes up behind.
Last session we noticed that the ships course had changed.

Al notices a guy squatting by a ladder. He signals the group to stop. Nash looks at him through the scope; armed man, looks like he is sleeping. Al to sneak up and take out guy, Nash to cover.

We make it to the front of the ship. Nash and Al are a few yards ahead, all keeping to the sides, make a notice check for front rank.
Al sneaks up. Al gets, “The Drop.” Gets plus +4 to attack and damage. CRUNCH. Done.
Al goes up the ladder first, smoking as he goes (fresh butt at all times). 8 feet up to hatch with big circle latch. Looks cleared of underbrush.

Nash goes down, below floor space vines, looks like bad guys are not down, Al opens hatch, Nash to go in next, followed by Wesley.
Al hears people talking, Radio in Wesley’s ear what are you doing check in, Wesley says “bathroom,” “what?” We use the pause to clown car out of hole, Nash and Wesley going for cover. No cover so go to sides.

Come into room, 4 guards captain gets up to order commands, W plays Adrenlin (Matrix) and full autos him. 3 hits on captain, he hurts but makes it over counter, he tries to soak. And succeeds on 1.
Nash shoots ones eye out. He drops into cover. Al moves up into cover. Justus fires some bullets randomly after coming up the stairs.

Al strolls up to left covered soldier, takes a drag, and punches the hell out of him. Unfortunately he missed.
Wesley Takes a shot in the chest, wound and shake. Then botches two soak rolls.
A grenade lands among us.
Naomi, attempts to scoop the grenade and run past it and get out of the area. She misses but gets out of the area, she backs up Al, sort of.
Nash tried to scoop to and run out of corridor and fires at a troop. Bullets bounce off.
Justus with a god send from the GM picks up the grenade, and with a botched roll manages to land it near the captain of the bad guys . Nash knocked away on top of another trooper. But no one took any damage. Wesley still shaken.

Joker for bad guys, frack, Naomi gets shot in the arse. Al in hand to hand. But parries, Grapple between Nash. Captain sees no targets and no action, other two hold.
Nash breaks free using agility. Steps back and shoots. Hurts someone.
Justus leans out and gets shot in the head. Twice; but no damage, returns fire to no affect. Justus was shaken but rolled up.
Al, punches the guy, and wounds and knock out. Al moves up to next one so can parry next time.

Nash marksmans and fires at the captain in the face. Kills him.
Al aims for the next guy in the eye cause it’s the same thing. Misses with cocky shot and next shot.
Justus puts bullets into the window behind the console. Misses everything
Nash gets shot hard. Shaken and wound. but soaks.
Nash gets shot by another who overcomes shaken. Nash gets hit by wild card. Much hurt, soaks some.
Al gets hit by the butt of a gun and is shaken.
Wesley is lounging in a puddle of his own filth – still shaken

Justus shoots a guy near the face and shakes him. He unshakes one second later.
Bullets are sprayed all over mostly by Justus, the wall but no hit.
Al gets wounded with a couple of close in shots. Al soaks and is in good shape.
Another trooper on the floor tackles Nash. Succeeds.
Nash spirit roll succeeds with raise. Tries to break out. Fails
Al punch fails

Nash fails to break free of tackle. Punch on Al fails. Grapple on Nash fails. So no damage. Justus gets shot at by 2 guys, lots of bullets. Wesley breaks shaken and full auto one guy, kills one. Justus three round burst facials and kills. Wesley and Justus get a little over excited as they finally provide the fire power they are designed for. Al pounds one and he goes down. Last one is still grappling with Nash.

Al is close enough to saunter over light a cigarette, and hits him, but misses. Justice taunts the last one with a shake. And Wesley intimates him into backing down by saying “really”.

End of combat

Nash starts healing himself. [GM Note: modifers for healing oneself is double. We played this incorrectly but will remember for future combats] Wesley starts trying to figure out how bad the damage is to the bridge. It’s toast. Only one panel in three still is salvageable. Justice goes to look down hatch in watch mode. Naomi to be healed next to see what she can do. Al searches bodies. Asks DC what the other ship is doing. Takes more time to heal roles for Nash to heal her. Naomi reviews computers. Massive data in the ships computer. Naomi looks for override to lock the docking bay doors. Takes 20 minutes so she starts working on it. Nash meanwhile is working on healing himself. Grenades found on bodies are divided to Nash, Wesley, and Justice. Wesley notices a dot points to Naomi, the other ship just undocked. Warns DC to be on look out. Al watching leutenant “aw I was gonna get me an ear.” Wesley gets healed. DC tries to ID other ship. They have bolted, cut and run.

Where are the bones from the ship’s occupants?
Next session China man the full history, can we take this ship in.
How we gonna get home?


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