Savaged Serenity

05-20-11: Searching for the Farlander

Oh &^&$%$!!, Reavers!

House Rule change: Sidekicks can take one wound, on second wound they are incapacitated

Al and Naomi were incapacitated in the last slugfest, Naomi is saved by Nashh, Al is fine on his own. We circle the planet to tend to our wounded.
There were additional reavers flying around the planet that we notice as we broke atmo.
We decide to fly around the planet awaiting the reavers to leave. Then go back and help people.
Naomi is really hurt. We will land near the settlement then go in on. Nashh takes med kit, the streets are empty, Al helps people too. Plays the folk hero card the people think we drove off the reavers and thus love us. We help people, Justice takes money from bodies. We are now folk heroes in New Canaan we can always find aid here. The definition is on the card. And the trumpets soar. DC is going to get the rest of the fuel. The old fuel guy hooks us up. A party is thrown in our celebration. Drinking dancing, couple thousand people live in this town, they lost about 10% of town.
We all wake up with 1 fatigue from hang over. Seth buys a duster and brass knucklers. 120 taken from stash.
We leave atmo Elder than punches the coordinates in to the nav. We calculate that we have just enough fuel to get out. But we will almost be out of gas when we get there. “should have picked a crew with a bigger tank.” It will take up 15.5 days to get out there. We have enough fuel to go for ¾ of a day when we drop out.
We come out of drive to find empty space. He says it was moving slowly and gives us the heading for where it should be. DC gets a success on sensors, picks up something. It is a big a ship. Huge. Getting crazy ratings coming from this ship, its maxing out all our sensors in life forms energy etc, but no signals coming off of it. Seth figures out where to dock, Wesley figures out how to dock. It has old docking mechanism. We orbit the ships on 2 axis. There is another ship already docked, Naomi found it. It’s a chameleon freighter docked on. Typically carries 4 people depending on how its configured.
DC gets us close to the ship, Wesley docks us like a champ. Opens door. The doors open and wonderful clean fresh air comes. Justus peers around, the plant growth has forced the door ½ open.. vines and greenery cover everything. It’s a forest in the hallway. Wesley tries to get a layout. Gravity is on. The hallway goes into the center of the ship. Birds and insects fly around. Everyone goes except DC who stays on the ship. Nash goes first to hack a way through, Justus next followed by Wesley and Al. 10 yards in the corridor splits and goes to front and back of ship. 10 foot ceiling. We parked fore of the other ship and on the opposite side. Nash suspects there are people. We take a right and head toward back of the ship, and the other ship. The corridor curves slightly as it follows the hull. In places the walls are falling apart as the plants take over. We have about ½ mile to walk, couple of cross corridors that cut across the ship, than large room, (cargo bay) everything is covered with vegetation. Several football fields in size with a balcony, several stories tall. Balcony is not in good shape. There are stairs to the lower level to corridor into ship. Everyone nimbly jumps to safety as the stairs collapse except Justice. He is shaken. But otherwise ok, “huh guys” he says. Something is growling. A large wolf is glaring at him. They can hear it growling.
Three wolves one behind Justice, The first one charges
Justice gets a wound as one latches on to his arm. Al jumps down. Landing well and attacking. Hitting he does a wound. It does not go down. Very dramatic. Wesley shoots one with shaken. Naomi and Nash ran down the stairs to get in a position to shoot.
Al punches again and incapacitated one attacking Justice. Nash fires at remaining two. One is killed and one is missed. Wesley shoots the remaining one. Several more wolves show up but then run off.
It was loud but we don’t know how far the sound carried. We start now down the corridor that leads through the ship, which is coincidentally is where the wolves ran off.
We come to an open space that seems to fill a huge portion of the ship. Lights full size trees. Completely over-grown. So much foliage hard to see across. We are not on the ground floor. We decided to head back to the perimeter and go that route via walking around the aft of the ship to catch our competition. We look for traces of human passage but see none. Keep rolling to back of ship. Passing corridors periodically.
We send Justice, Al, and Nashh ahead to scout and come to docking bay, with 2 armored men with guns. Not alliance.
Al decides to go talk to them, Nash and Justice get in cover to shoot if they look mean.
They raise weapons Nashh blows the head off one and Justice shoots the chest out of the other.
We take the comm. pieces from them but they are off. The ship closed the doors potentially abandoning anyone on the ship. Al takes the armor. Nashh notices a camera on the door. We call the remainder of the team up.
Wesley starts trying to hacking into ship but fails. Nashh looks for signs of them moving things on or off. We close the outer air lock doors. We call to check with DC and tell him to check the scanners. Then we get out of doorway. Takes a long time to figure out what to do. “night cycle beginning.” All the lights go off. DC detaches from FarLander and goes dark so he can hide. DC comes back in under the engines.
Naomi and Wesley set off to find the bridge; Nash gives them a flash light. Justice, Al, Nash, and Tong stay behind and get in prone defensive position.
Tear Gas floods the area. Justice failed notice roll and is affected. Everyone is at -1 for dark and -1 for tear gas. We make notice rolls to see if we can see where the gas came from. Justice is minus 2 for all actions. Justice gets up to move and gets hit by fire and shaken. We don’t see the muzzle flashes. He made it 5 or 10 yards. Nash throws his stun baton than runs in the opposite direction. He gets shot at. Wesley sees a muzzle flash and has a general location.
Justice unshakes, Wesley attempts to do suppressive fire. But fails, but also loses no ammo. Nash continues to run and dives behind a tree at the end. He is hit and gets shaken. Al, tries to notice but fails. He holds his action. Justice is now out of the gas and holds his action trying to see the bad guys. Nash unskakes himself. Justice spots them running between trees and full auto. He pings one but loses some ammo. Al, gets up and crouch runs out of the gas, shots hit him and he is wounded.
Wesley returns to the room, and tries to flank around. But they see him, and he is shot. Wounded shaken. Cant see shooter. Justice can’t see anyone now so he holds his action. Nash holds as well. Naomi tries to sneak in crouching. They still see her and she is hit but no affect. Al is still shaken. DC notices that the ship is starting to move and changing direction.
They try to suppressive fire, Nashh in overwatch sees and fires. They fire suppressive fire but fail. Then 2 get up and move and Justice in overwatch rocks and rolls. Doesn’t lose ammo. Maybe hit one but can’t tell if hit or not. Not sure if damaged or not. Naomi is shot and shaken.
Al unshakes and holds. Wesley unshakes and Justice holds. Justice hits one and loses some ammo. Nash fires as well. He doesn’t do anything too productive. Naomi shoots the ceiling. They attempt suppressive fire but we pass.
Everyone holds. They advance again Justice and Wesley open up, Wesley misses everything. Justice shakes one but he is prone. Nash fires at one striking his head out. Hits one and he went down.
Wesley and Justice hold; 2 crouch and run, 2 fire pot shots. Wesley takes one down with full auto. Justice out sprays with a sub-machine gun sprays a lot of ammo but misses. Should be 3 left. Nash fires an aimed shot and hits. Boom head shot. Maybe 2 left.
Al Holds. They fire at us. Nash is shaken. Wesley and Justice hold. Nash unshakes and holds.
They stick their heads out and Wesley and Justice spray a lot of bullets around but everyone missed.
Justice tries talking threateningly to intimate Wesley tries low crawling into position. When we crawl up to where they should be they were not present. We look for them in twos but we don’t find them. Bastards got away.


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