Savaged Serenity

04-30-11: Keep Flyin' (aka: find something to do)

What now?

Savage Serenity Session notes 04-30-11
Taken by Dave Bailey.

Our ship has gas guzzler and fast throttle uses a lot of gas but is faster. When we do full burn. Which means we have an extra gear. At full burn we get plus 2 to .
We now have several choices
1. Go find whores
2. Drink/fight
3. Kept our agreement with Xi and now we could follow the warrants and track them down
4. We were directed to go to Badger

From Hera to Persephone where badger is 10 hexes away. Which is 10 days at speed class 1.
We have 400 points of fuel. We have 16 days of travel.
Takes 5 days to get to Persephone
Ship is in excellent shape it has a large room off to one side that houses missiles
We land on Persephone
11 days of fuel left when we land, Persephone is a very busy port, lots of ships landing and taking
Question from GM, has anyone ever met Badger
We make a street wise and find where badger is located. We come upon a giant of a man who asks what our business is. DC tries to persuade his way through. DC is successful-ish.
We are forced to disarm. Nash waits outside because he doesn’t want to disarm.
He points us down a hall turn a corner, we are in badgers room. Badgers let us sit down, there are 2 guards off to each side with side arms.
He asks what he want, and gets snippy when Wesley gets cute.
Badger has heard of our escape from Perdition.
I job just came up that might come with our impeccable credentials.
One of the lost arcs was found. The FarLander. The alliance is sending an elite recovery team.
He offers us 10% of the profit from fenced goods. Wesley counters with 15%, he offers an agent who will go with us, his name is Elgar Tomg. The name Tomg is a gang name.
Wesley asks where we find Elgar, he says at the crooked noodle.
Naomi will get on the cortex and look for the Elgar Tomg and the Arc FarLander. Elgar supposedly knows the last location of the Arc
We are dismissed and escorted out and get our weapons back. The crooked noodle is pretty easy to find.
We walk in, very interesting environment, Japanese noodle bar and old west saloon. We find an open table. Nash orders some noodles. We notice rough 60 yo Asian man at the bar
DC approaches him, “looks like your waiting for someone.”
It is Elgar Tong. He can tell us where the arc is if we give him safe passage.
DC tried to negotiate to better deal, the Arc is out passed New Cannan, and it’s out passed our range.
Nash asks Naomi how much is fuel in New Cannan, 29 credits a ton for fuel.
A tank offers 600 hour, 1900 tons is our ship. In our range 625 ton tank. 125 tons of fuel = 400 hours of thrust in our ship. Thus it will take 60% of our tank to get out to New Cannan.
Naomi found shipment of refrigeration equipment for 65 credits a ton. They load it up. 500 tons of stuff. That comes to 32500 credits.
Naomi starts looking for passengers, finds 2 travelers. We will get 605 credits from passengers for 12 days.
Elgar comes on with a back pack. He gets room 13. Refit brig to be rooms.
We bought 26.25 tons of fuel, for 131.25 credits.
We have 568.75 credits left. Then the remaining 305 when we land plus the 32500
Cargo is payment on delivery.
Wesley suggests a course that maneuvers through ports longer but cheaper gas. It will save us more than 600 credits.
There are some do-dads that need to be replaced;
We make it to New Cannan without incident. Refueling will cost 1700.4 credits. The passengers pay up with no question, pay in platinum. Goods are sold without a hitch too prearranged price.
So our current totals are 31,654.35 credits.
The Gas tanks are being filled and the attended compliments our ship, we all get paranoid.
Justice is watching out the back door looking menacing. Wesley is reviewing storage space for new fittings
Nash and - ARE in docking bay,.
Attendant gets call that reavers are coming.
While uncoupling is going on reaver ship starts landing, smoke blowing ,attendant runs.
Everyone makes guts checks. Al fails meaning he doesn’t believe in reavers.
A smaller ship comes over. Fires an electric net that causes us to stick to the ground. DC runs into the ship, Wesley runs to engine room,
We close the back doors half way to narrow entry but keep entry and all us to fire out exit.
Reavers came down on zip lines, Wesley runs to engine room. Ship is now settling in for landing.
Combat, 10 reavers in coming.
Nash fired 3 round burst, took out 3 quickly.
Naomi misses,
Justice is shaken,
One more turn before DC and Wesley reach destination, reaver ship lands and opens.
Justice unshakes takes down three, DC takes down 2 more,
Ship lands 10 more reavers come out.

Third round
Nash fires full auto again, 2 more dead.
Wesley figures out a dampening field is screwing with electronics,
Justice misses a lot but loses no ammo. Hordes move up. First one from first wave gets to ship. Al swings. Has first strike, 17, with a punch. 2 d6 damage. Takes one down.
DC fails to start ship, throws bennie.
4th round
Wesley fucks himself, Justice shakes one and kills one,
Reavers first wave is shaken, second wave runs up. Within 3 hexes, all ten. They trample their shaken friend
DC fails to start ship. Al flicks his cigarette at reaver.
Niaomy misses. Nash kills two more.
5th round
Our initiative sucks, they are on us.
AL punches another one out. Takes damage from punch, but not enough to do damage
DC holds his action to assist Wesley,
Al punches again but no damage.
Wesley succeeds in stabilizing the engines, but no take off.
Justice tries to club one and misses.
Nash swings twice 2 hits, sword and knife, kills one
Naomi fires pistol misses,
Next round
Justice misses, Wesley holds his action to help DC,
Third wave is moving up, second wave presses attack; Al is focus of attack, takes a knife hit and is shaken. They push forward into ship. Breach breach breach
Naomi gets shaken,
Nash kills one,
With Wesley supporting, DC gets the engine started. Al is unshaken but cant act
Next round
Justice clubs one, Wesley stays in engine room.
Al punches, shakes one. DC takes off, net pulls up and we are in air, last Reaver does whilhelm scream as he falls out.
Back of the ship everyone makes notice rolls.
Naomi misses, Nash whiffs.
Al gets attacked by 2. but no damage, Naomi gets attacked and goes down. Incapacitated, Justice gets attacked and hit shaken,
Next Round
Nash draws 2 pistols, and fires both, kills 2. Both reavers left miss Al, DC notices we are being pursued by the ship. Closes the outer doors. Justice still shaken. Wesley stabilizes ship (does nothing).
Next round
Al goes down.
Justice shakes one reaver from behind. Nash does very shooting again, and takes out last 2.
DC hits hard burn.
Begin Chase:
Chase begins with Reaver two hexes behind us. Reavers close upon us. DC tries a distraction roll. Succeeds with a raise and shakes the Reaver pilot. Drops back 2, Nash fires a missile; hits with a wound, goes out of control, drops back another drop, critical hit is not serious. Nash fires another missile, no affect. DC pulls ahead. They closes a bit but DC pulls ahead again. DC pulls ahead. They hold their position. DC pulls ahead, but they close the gap again. DC pulls ahead a bit but not quite enough. We break atmo and pull ahead, they return to eat villagers.
Current fuel load is down by 21.55
31654.35 credits
103.45 tons of ffuel
We are owed 21.55 tons


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