Savaged Serenity

04-29-11: Finding the Farlander

Session notes: 29 April 2011 – Savaged Firefly

Reviewed last session’s notes and decided to head to Persephone to see Badger about a job.
Investigated the ship while en route. Where missile pod is located use to have scientific equipment.
On Persephone
Visited with the Badger. Knows of our escape from Perdition (fame!)
Job: One of the Original Arks has been located. A Farlander. A lot of stuff with a lot of money. Alliance is sending a recovery team.
The Deal: We get 15% of what ever we salvage from the trip.
Go to the Crooked Noodle and find Elgar Tong. Elgar will be coming with us. Went to Crooked Noodle and found Elgar. Descended into math and decided we needed to pick up another gig.
Took on refrigerator units and three guests — newlyweds (Atelia and Wilie Hunt) and Tavion Zaptros.
On New Canaan

Arrived w/out problem (via Hera and someplace or t’other). Dropped off the guests and started refueling when Revers showed up.
Reaver Combat!
Al went down.
Reaver Chase!
We escaped!
…and called it a night
4XP for WC, 2XP for SideKicks
Freedom’s Flight (The Ship)
Engine: Class 4
Cargo Space: 570 tons
Gas guzzler (-).Standard ship uses 600hrs of space travel. GasGuzzlers have 400hrs of travel (16 days, 16 hrs).
Fast Throttle ().Faster when pushing to hard burn (2 to hard burn rating).


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